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    I have just acquired a 1971 Mach 1 and setting out on a restomod to make this vehicle something different and special.
    This forum is my choice as 71-73 models are not popular in Australia and information is difficult to find.
    My VIN: 1F05M218422
    It will be along the lines of one in Japan.


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    Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
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  1. BD, Nice looking car, where are you in Melbourne? Currently finishing my 71 MACH 1 Restomod in Clayton. It looks great with GT 12 Slot Chromes 7 Sunroof. Give me a call Mel 0419 044550
  2. Hi Everyone, Currently working on the interior of my project which is a restomod 1971 Mach 1, I am seeking options for a newer style control shifter that would fit the transmission and look different - probably from the next decade. Any ideas are most welcome - the centre console will be custom built around this control and a manual hand brake position alongside the console. Greetings from Australia. MELFUNCTIONS
  3. Hi 724me, These wheels were used in Australia on the GT Falcons and look great. They are called Twelve Slot Chromes - I have them for my 1971 restomod currently being completed. Like all of these steel wheels, they are made in China but my supplier in Australia has has strict quality control - these are very popular down here for a lot of the early Fords - the Falcon two door came from the 71-73 Mustangs. They cost me AUD$1100.00 Melfunctions
  4. Hi Guys, Once again seeking your advice on seats for 71 MACH 1 . I am interested in finding some upmarket seats as part of my restoration - I have found these and would like to know if any member has fitted these. They are pretty well priced for what they appear to be so any further information or comments most welcome. Mel (Melbourne, Australia)
  5. Thanks for your replies - ordered Auto City Classic glass - complete glass kit. Sending from CA to Melbourne , Australia. 6DUB606 - Where are you in Australia? Mel (0419 044 550)
  6. Hi Guys, I am in the process of ordering glass for this rebuild project, I live in Australia which is half a world away and need to order the correct glass for my girl. I have been corresponding with Auto City Classic and they have asked me for the Trim Tag Number - they advise that it is either 63D or 63R - they believe it is a 63R. I have no idea where this Tab is, can anyone assist me as to its location - I have not seen anything like it during the resto. CJ Pony Parts have not been that helpful as you are dealing with a computer not a person. Anyone purchased through Auto City Classic - they are at least are assisting but I need to absolutely know I am purchasing the correct glass.
  7. Hi Guys, Has anyone fitted these wheels to their 1971 Mach 1? I am currently planning the wheels and tires for my Restomod. I want a wide deep dished look and I am trying to determine what will fill the wheel wells up. Intend using a staggered set with rears 19 inch and fronts 18 inch. I will ship them in from California once I know I have the correct sizes and offsets etc. I would appreciate any advice from those who have been down this path as unfortunately, there are not many examples for me to play with in Melbourne, Australia. Regards to All. MEL
  8. Hi Shane, Welcome from Melbourne, Australia. You will find the Forum a great source of information. All of the Australian guys are very helpful as well as our friends in USA & Europe. I have a 71 Mach 1 RHD in the body prep stage. Melfunctions
  9. I am also very interested in finding more information on this Headliner. I asked the company for more information with no luck, I will try again as I wish to upgrade my interior of my restomod. Melfunctions
  10. Thanks Mudbilly, I agree that this is an amazing source of parts - it appears as if there are many sources for the mirrors I am seeking. Thank you. Mel
  11. Hi Guys, I am looking for a pair of these mirrors with built in indicators, they do not have to be the same colour but need to be a pair. As this model is pretty new in Australia, I cannot locate them down here - any thoughts or auto salvage yards I should contact? Don at Ohio was looking but has not come back to me with anything. Any assistance will be very much appreciated. MEL :huh:
  13. Hi Richard, Nice purchase! You will find all of the Members very helpful, they collectively have great knowledge. I have been making contact with our Australian Members to find their locations. At this point, you are the first Adelaide Member I am aware of - Welcome. Mel
  14. David, Check the link that Mick (OzCoupe) sent me - you can have your car sprayed with a removable plastic paint and keep your original paint perfect. On one shot they had a BMW M3 in a really way out colour and a shot showing it being removed when the car was up for sale. Mel
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