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  1. Libram, Thanks for your reply. I am not sure what you mean by lens - the unit is complete with the flat lens covering both Speedo & Tach. Would you mind explaining for me as I am new to this car rebuilding caper! I see I can perhaps buy a complete unit from Rocketman which is possibly the best way to go as I know it will work. I have a head up display in my daily driver (E46M3) and I plan to install one in the beast but I still want working gauges. Thanks for your interest and help. Merry Christmas, Melfunctions
  2. Hi Oz, Is that 'Rocketman' you refer to? Would you mind giving me some more details. She is all apart now with guards and doors off being media blasted and coated. I am trying to build my stock of parts for the interior and dash, Don from Ohio Mustang is assisting me - have you converted to RH Drive or not? Thanks for your help - send me you mobile number so we can talk more. Merry Christmas. Melfunctions
  3. Hi Guys , I have managed to find a Speedo/Tacho combination to replace my existing Speedo/Clock set up. The cost is approximately US$200 and it is here in Melbourne, Australia. The printed instrument circuit is damaged and needs replacement. Would anyone know the correct one to replace it, I have a 1971 Mach 1 351 V8 - ID: 1F05M218422. A part number or a source would assist thank you. Best Wishes to everyone for Christmas & the New Year. Melfunctions
  4. Agreed. Don is currently helping me with my parts for my 71 Mach 1. I am new to this rebuilding business and I have found him very helpful particularly as I am in Australia. CJ are not for me as I require personal assistance and advice on my project - he is certainly a great asset to our group. I will give him all of my business because he cares. Mel
  5. Kevin, Just looking at your RH cluster and wondering what you have on the right (Switch? Did you build the dash or was it done prior to your ownership? I have all the bezels coming from Don at Ohio Mustang Parts but it is still going to be an issue to make it look factory fitted in RH format. Keep in touch. Mel
  6. Hi George, Mel from Melbourne here - thanks for your email. It is a good idea as we all have some different problems to our friends in the States- quite often, we just need to see our particular model in the flesh. I have a contact in Sydney who may be able to assist a lot of Members in shipping ex California. He has a freight forwarder who receives deliveries from suppliers and then pack it containers that he brings in each month with cars or parts. To others reading this post, I have a friend who has three Mach 1's in concours condition who I am sure will allow a group of us to admire the collection - I have only seen one of them. My goal in 2018 is to make this happen for all who can get or are in Melbourne to see them. regards, Melfunctions.
  7. Hi Kevin, Welcome to the Forum - Good people who will be very interested in your car and story. Great to find another Mach 1 person in Melbourne who I can talk with over issues that we can solve locally. Mel McLennan mel@cmseventservices.com.au
  8. Thanks for your reply. I am in Melbourne and the only other Member I have spoken with is Greg (Austinvert) in Brisbane. The car I have is a 71 Mach 1 which has had the RH Conversion done, it is a driver but missing a front windscreen which I have on the way. The interior is gutted and I am trying to get all the pieces of the jigsaw together - the instrument cluster is in a box,the circuit board and lens are stuffed. I have new besels on the way and I am trying to work out the dash arrangements - I may as well go with a tacho beside the speedo - although the speedo (vintage is mph) I am fitting a Polaris Head Up Display which I have in my M3. (saved me heaps on fines) It will not be traditional as I want a great looking vehicle but one that is very comfortable to drive - I have BMW E46 M3 seats all round - the rear will fit beautifully and the fold down will work perfectly. The centre console will probably be out of an X5 using the X5 handbrake set up. As you know, making the RH side of the gauge besels is not easy, I need to find some more examples of RH Conversions to see what has been done - thought I might see one at MotorClassica but no luck. I certainly would appreciate any information or advice you can provide. Regards, Mel McLennan (0419 044550) mel@vicnumberplates.com.au.
  9. Hi Guys, I am a new Member from Australia and currently rebuilding this vehicle and I need advice on which way to go with a new instrument cluster in the dash. Which is the best way to go in respect to the speedo & tacho - go the Dakota route with their digital product or go with the Rocketman replacements. it is a bit difficult to send him my old cluster from downunder for repair - is there such a beast that someone may have for sale? I have the original speedo & clock set up but would like to replace the clock with the tacho. It will be a restomod and it is Right Hand Drive - the wiring is all over the place but I might have to live with it as a new harness in Left Hand Drive may not work. I am not super technical and will get someone to check the wiring. There are enough problems in the dash set up in trying to adapt the cluster to make it look factory fitted - glove box as well. Any advice or assistance would be appreciated. Thanks to Dennis Keagan who assisted me with the wiper arms. Regards, MELFUNCTIONS :chin:
  10. Thanks for your photo and comments, they certainly look good and as with most photographs they would look far better live! Mine are still on the water to Australia but when installed, I will post a photograph for other Australian & British Members to see the amber LED indicators. I am also installing the new headlights with the halo and indicators built in - trying to create something a little different with modern touches. Regards, MEL
  11. Hi Greg, Thanks for your reply and questions. They are the same lights listed on C J Pony parts but they were out of stock fortunately so I did some research and came across Larry who was really fantastic. As I had just bought my 71 Mach 1 I joined up to find out as much information as I could in order to start the regeneration of a car I loved in the early days. Currently, I am amassing parts from various suppliers to make the next Container back to Australia - I have a contact who brings in almost a Container of cars or parts every 7-8 weeks - it is so handy being able to ship parts to California and have them consolidated into a load for delivery into Sydney. The lights which Larry has sent to CAL have been delivered and really consist of Amber LED's in the indicator section - I opted for the basic set up (Non sequential) as I did not want hassles with the police if pulled over. I have had the existing lens laser cut slightly inside the inner border that will allow an edge to insert the clear lens within the frame - I tried to source amber material but too hard, clear was easy to find and the amber LED's will solve the problem. The cost was USD$180 which I was happy with as I am trying to create a restomod that will be compliant but something special - I was inspired by the Mach 1 in http://www.speedhunters.com/2014/12/resurrecting-a-mach-1-mustang/ and found this car through a friend - RH Conversion done, no rust,new panels fitted - a driver so I can move it around etc etc. for $7000 - I couldn't pay for it quick enough! As soon as I have the lights fitted, I will send you photographs - the contact details for the light panels is sales@classicleds.com the contact person is Larry, I am currently trying to find him a set of GTR Skyline R32 lights as these guys go nuts over leds, my son in law has one and wants the conversion. I would like to keep in touch as our Australian members have different issues and I am sure we can assist each other through the Forum. Regards, Mel 0419 044550 i
  12. Hi Guys, I have just had a very good experience with Classicleds.com. today. I was chasing the LED boards through C J Pony Parts but they were out of stock or were on pre order. I did a bit more research and found them directly as I wanted a particular problem solved with my project in Australia. As I was building a Restomod, I wanted the LED tail lights with an amber turn signal which is the law in Australia - an original vehicle can still be registered here with flashing red indicators but I of course wanted to be different. Larry from Classicleds has kindly built two boards for my 71 Mach 1 with amber leds in the indicators, I have refabricated the lens in clear so I will have something very different. The Australian guys will appreciate what I have managed to achieve as our Rules are quite different down here - I know that the Feds here will notice the vehicle so I will comply with lastest regs rather than vintage. I was very impressed with Larry's help and assistance I thought I would let everyone know - emails to other suppliers were unproductive but the lesson for today is 'never give up! For 71-73 an LED upgrade, in my opinion is a very sensible option if you are a little bit flexible! Regards, Melfunctions
  13. Hi Guys, I am having trouble locating the correct catch that mounts to the radiator support. the one I require looks quite long and protrudes into the grille space. The CJ Pony & Scott Drake Catalogues have a different type which looks quite small to the one I need. If someone could direct me to the right supplier I would be most grateful. Melfunctions
  14. Thank you, I see you have been very active - what Model do you have? Mel
  15. Hi Ozegrande, I am also a new Member from Australia and excited to join this group of enthusiasts. I have just purchased a 1971 Mach 1 with the Right Hand conversion completed - it is a driver which means although not restored I can drive it in and out of my factory. It has been partly restored with all rust removed and I am about to tackle the electrical side of things. I have no idea if the Vehicle Identification Code is a good Model: 1F05M218422, it is going to be a restomod so I apologise in advance - a couple of years ago I saw an example from Japan and thought I might just do one: http:// www.speedhunters.com/2014/12/resurrecting-a-mach-1-mustang/ My daily drive is an E46 M3 so my main thought was to have something very different but a very comfortable drive - when time permits I will start a thread showing the progress. I look forward to keeping in touch with fellow Australian Members as I have found that other Forums did not cater for 71-73 enthusiasts - I was lucky to find this site, Cheers, Mel
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