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  1. Thanks for the kind welcome guys! Hopefully these pics uploaded correctly.
  2. Hi folks, New to this body style Mustang, found a 72 Q code 4 speed Sportsroof in good shape. Looking forward to sifting through all the posts for info on these cars and exchanging war stories on restorations. I will post some pics when I can(.mil servers are not pic friendly). Highlights from Marti report: 2F02QXXXXXX 2B Bright red AW White Ruffino A 3.50 Standard Axle ratio 5 Four-speed manual 13 New York DSO sold in Greenport Long Island Other options from the report: F70x14 RWL tires Power Steering Power Brakes AM Radio Sports Wheel Covers Competition Suspension(has a power steering cooler, not sure if that's part of this option) Instrumentation Group Per the report its 1/334 with this engine/trans code for Sportsroofs. Cheers! Alan
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