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  1. Thanks. I actually did it twice. The first time I applied it I for got to keep the surface wet and let it dry after I rinsed it off there was brown streaks all over. Dried it off then reaplied POR15 and kept it wet for about 15 min. Also I dont have any epoxy primer, will self etch primer be good enough to protect the surface from rusting?
  2. So I was experimenting on a door for my car with POR15 metal perp. I have never used this before so I was wonrering what the metal should look like after applying it. Does this look right or do I have to do it over again.
  3. If that car wasn't at the other end of the country I certainly would consider it. cant have too many parts cars. Shipping would be the big factor for me.
  4. LOL. I wish. only have 8' ceiling. maybe a scissor lift might work.
  5. So I just joined this forum last spring getting ideas from all the great threads to start repairing my 72 mach 1. But I had to build a home for her first. So I spent the summer doing that. Still haven't finished because old man winter showed up. All I have left to do is electrical and insulation then I should be ready to rock on the restoration.
  6. How cool. A fellow Hatter. I am originally from the hat. Moved to mirror in 95. Sure do miss home.
  7. Hi folks. I found out about this forum on Facebook looking for helpful tips and build ideas. I have a 72 Mach 1 Q code 4 speed. She is in pretty rough shape but I believe no Mustang should die a horrible death to the dreaded crusher.
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