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    71 Convertible 5.0L EFI T5 5spd
    1990 thunderbird SC auto
    1992 thunderbird SC 5 Spd
    2017 F150 2.7EC


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  1. Hello I am pondering selling my 1971 Convertible (slightly restomod 94' 5.0L EFI 5 Spd) located in Toronto Canada. In a little looking around on ebay and such at SOLD, and COMPLETED auctions it might appear that the cars do bring more $ in the US than here. The dollar difference is now about $1Cdn = $.77 USD. Where as in the local market this car I think I would be doing well to get $12k CDN, I am wondering of opinions if it were in the US market / location maybe a friend sell it for me in SC? The car is a VERY good driver, but not a concourse restoration by any means but most of the small details are better than most - door closing, paint application quality and condition (base clear), soft trim. This isn't a FOR SALE type post but more of a conversational value post, 1/2 consideration if I SHOULD sell it.
  2. OK, over time, I will add notes on my swap etc here, but not all at once if anyone has particular questions about what I have done, you can PM me OR, post here and I will try to answer address your questions. Pete
  3. just a quick picture under the hood. Yes some unfinshed things like the power distribution front PS corner and the clutch cylinder resevoir, and fuse box mounting.....but has been 100% operational for a long long time. Will try to accumulate notes and details on the swap, btu really busy right now. The aluminum cowel support braces are not REQUIRED, but make life much easier under the hood on these cars
  4. Ok thanks, I did not expect so much activity off the get go, long used to the 2nd fiddle lost brother 71-3 Mustang treatment.... Hydraulic clutch - quite custom - 1st major thing is to replace the 11" booster with a 71/2" DUAL diaphragm booster from a fox mustang with one of the studs relocated on its housing. this allowed me to install a CNC brakes master cylinder INLINE with the stock clutch pedal. I did needle bearing clutch pedal bearing at the time, result is a really well working light effort clutch - used the CNC brakes slave on my T5. effort is less than my 5Spd thunderbird SC, and has worked flawlessly for several 5+ years now. My EFI swap donor was a 92 Thunderbird 5.0L, I refreshed the engine - disassemble - no machining, physically it bolted in, and the thunderbird factory headers fit perfectly like they were made to fit around the steering box. put a nice oval hole in the dash so the EEC sits above the glove box. Used the thunderbird harness and worked out everything on my work bench. Used an inline EFI fuel pump pulling from the regular tank pickup, mounted on a bracket in front of the gastank - this does pull air when below 1/4 tank but manageable. Fuel Pump relay and inertia switch is in the trunk Used plastic modern fuel lines routed up passenger side and protected along the way. Moved the battery to the trunk so I had room for cone filter/MAF. Running Thunderbird SC electric fan - switched crudely by a temperature sender, not the EEC (yet), and a panic high on fan switch under the steering column for driver operation. This runs very very well and I have NEVER regretted the swap, pays dividends in torque. Other tid bits: 94' tan leather seats and rear seat custom covered to match 94' style (only drawback here is the 94 seat backs are thicker so you loose rear seat room. Flexaform composite rear springs torque thrust wheels aluminum flywheel typical custom exhaust - but not happy with drone around 2400rpm 1" front springs drop frame connectors (were required following EFI swap due to torque twist chipping door jams) Added 3point inertia front seat belts
  5. how to upload pictures on internet Just found forum the other night. Welcome to share my EFI swap with people and my hydraulic clutch conversion . More details on my car to follow
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