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  1. 4 minutes ago, Don C said:

    I believe the difference is due to how the steering shaft is removed from the column. On the fixed column the upper half of the coupling is permanently attached (welded) to the steering shaft and when the shaft needs to be removed from the column it is pulled out of the bottom of the column tube. However, with the tilt column the tilt mechanism and steering shaft are removed together with the steering shaft pulled out of the top of the column tube, hence the removable upper casting for the coupler.

    so all i need is a coupler to fit the gear box shaft cause the column end should fit

  2. 3 minutes ago, Stanglover said:

    In the interest of learning, I have zero knowledge of these tilt columns. I have only worked on my standard fixed column. What I am not understanding is why the difference between the two. From what I have seen by watching YouTube videos and from other input, it's the top part only that has a knuckle in it with a rack system to allow the tilt. If this is so, why does the bottom end of the shaft need to be so different than a standard column and the need for a hard to source coupler? As I have not seen the insides of a tilt column, I'm thinking the shaft has to be heavier, but having said that, all I see in the Ford manual, is a diagram for a disassembled tilt column, fixed similar. That's it. No mention or diagram of the coupler. It makes no sense to me why there needs to be that difference at the bottom end connection. I have not taken the time to read all the manual's related section at this point, but this just makes no sense. Is it another case of Ford's weird engineering?

    Education and comments are most welcome.

    this is the difference that i have noticed, other than that i agreed with you why there need to be a different at the bottom 


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