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  1. got the coupler, do i spread it open to get it on
  2. it there a pic on where the bearings go, cause i don’t see 1 on my
  3. i call Lares Co. and they said i need part number 219 coupler
  4. installing a 71 steering tilt in my 73 fastback, changing ignition switch and turn signal to 73, and changing the rag joint and steering box. do need anything else? and do install the rag joint on the column or steering box, using Lares 219 rag joint
  5. i’m about to change out my non-tilt for a Tilt steering column, other than disconnecting wiring and the 3 bolts on the floor what else do i need to do, was also thinking about changing the rag joint and power steering box too. i been looking for a write up
  6. Look like someone already torn up the ignition switch, I don’t see a place to push any
  7. I keep about pushing something so I can take the ignition out, but I’m not sure where to push
  8. The was missing the clip, so I had to get another, getting ready to at it again
  9. Oh wow, a day late lol, I’ve pull the axles off to hook Them up, but can’t figure out to lock the passengersl side in it smooth not like the driver side which click in
  10. Not really. I’m doing the parking brake, I have the 3 cables this need to know how to hook them up
  11. In the Process of Installed my parking brake, I’m looking for a picture of the route the cable go and how they are Connect, I’ve already seen a print, I’m looking for a pic
  12. my sail panels isn't lined up, can I see a picture of one close up, more of the end by the fastback back window
  13. Rmach1, do you need to buy the socket and wire for an early dome light, if so I have some PM me blown fuse
  14. Ok thanks, yes I do have the knob, I was told about some tool that I would need, something like the one we used for our dash bezels
  15. how do I tighten the remote mirror bezel, I have the bezel and washer but I cant seem to get the bezel to catch the thread on the mirror on a standard panel
  16. ok, I take it that it won't unscrew, I must drill it out
  17. I read that, I don’t see my answer, he talked about drilling out a broken knob. I trying to unscrew the knob
  18. how do i unscrew the knob so I can replace it with a new one, I try holding the outside and unscrewing the knob but all its do is turn
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