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  1. do anyone got a picture on where the 3 dash clips goes
  2. thanks. the knob will work, but the hinge wont, I need the ones with the screw hole in the middle
  3. have anyone seen them for sale the hinge cover or the seat knob
  4. so i cant use the 71-73 mustang seat latch, they didn't fit on my seat, that why I don't think are even mustang seat cause the seat hinge is difference
  5. ŁI went to change my seat latch and found out bad just can’t meet at 73 Mustang seat
  6. I this set it on there to send y'all a pic, 2way tape is on the underside, might have to modify for my hood pin brackets
  7. i was told this is what missing, could this be right cause it doesn't seem to fit that area
  8. In the process of putting my 73 mustang climate control non AC unit together do anybody have a picture on how the cables run from the switch to the duct work
  9. is there a gasket or something that go here, if so what the part name or where can I get it from
  10. do you have a picture of your rear deck
  11. trying to hook up my dome light but have no idea what cable I need, the first pic is what I got but it don't seem to hook up to the fixture that below
  12. Ok thanks, it’s it supposed go into car or should it hang up to vent?
  13. Where do this hose go That on the rear end driver side. I pull the other end out the hole it wasn’t connected to anything
  14. Ok I’ll get rid of the air shock and spring and check on a axle bumper case
  15. So the air shocks is not the way to go, I was about to order a replacement
  16. I have new leaf spring, I’m looking for spring that sit on the rear end
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