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  1. i been trying to find some rear spring for my fastback, but don't seem to be any, I do have leaf spring and coil spring in the rear.
  2. i plan on replaced the whole front end suspension, wonder is there a order I should remove the parts in, ( Shocks Spring, spring saddle Rotor swat bar link upper arm lower arm strut rod sway bar)?
  3. Let me know when / if you make a map light harness available for cars that did not come with a map light originally. I am interested. Thanks! Mac I would like one also
  4. is my mach 1 already wring from the clock and map light, even if didn't come from the factory with them, I have already purchased both and would like to hook them up
  5. Do anybody know what plug into these wiring connectors Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4
  6. is there a write up on how to put the regulator guides stops ect. in a fastback door including the window
  7. where can find some felt window guide. my is worn out
  8. Yes Thanks for the inputs so far, was thinking about tint my new rear window, but really have not seen one yet
  9. thinking about doing a smoke rear window fastback, and keeping the clear side windows, do you think that would look odd?
  10. the hole on the hinge is in the middle, Mustang seat hinges are on the edge, the frame and cover for mustang fit fine. But the hinge cover won’t fit, so I don't think is a mustang seat
  11. thanks, did what this did, and I understand what you talking about as far people listed part, if you not sure, don't even put mustang in the listed
  12. I try him over a month ago but no reply, but I will try again
  13. Is this a mustang map light, brought it off Ebay. It’s got the ford stamped but don’t see any parts number. It’s don’t fit into the console that I got from CJ Pony
  14. can someone show me where the deluxe glove box trim go?
  15. Is there any company out there that’s make a Trunk carpet kits (Side Panels etc) For the Fastbacks.
  16. Ok thanks, I do brakes all the time this ever did bearings
  17. Factory disc, I was told the rotors do not come with bearings
  18. getting ready to do my brake, I was told that I need some bearing for the rotors, can someone tell what bearing, is there a brake write up anywhere
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