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  1. RI need help trying to find the center of the stamped hole and get somebody confirm that I drill an 3 inch diameter hole. I have read the the answer on here and other sites but would like to hear from someone who lately. Try the tuna can and was to small
  2. Thanks, how about the emblem do it screws from the bottom or snap in
  3. I try google all they have is the grant steering wheel
  4. trying put together the 2 spoke steering wheel, is there a write up on how to put it together and how to install in the car best image hosting site free
  5. I believe you have the standard, non deluxe interior and that side of the dash does not have the panels you bought. It is just painted. So I can’t make it work? I like the texture panels better
  6. here my dash, the panel, it don't seem separate from the dash
  7. I purchase A new passenger side panel with the seatbelt warning light, with a texture finish and glove box door to match, but I don’t seem to fit my dash because my dash seen to be one piece, did I just get the wrong part, can I make it work
  8. Thanks for the input so far, didn’t know they even offer black in 73, or chrome bumper, I’m using GM white for interior color, so I’m not really trying to stay correct, it this one of the best thing that I like about those Car was the two tone hood, I ness thinking about matted black but wasn’t sure how it would look or worth the price
  9. My theme is 73 Mach1 black, bright white interior with black stripes. Was thinking about going with either all black hood or black with white in the middle. Would love your opinion
  10. where do rear seat spacers go, for non fold down seat, picture please 73 fastback
  11. Ok thanks, someone told it go along the a pillars and roof fail
  12. Where do windlace go on a 73 fastback, I see it on the quarter panel is that the only place? Picture would help, couldn’t find any on google
  13. what about headliner trim, I found the front and side pieces but don't know what in the rear if anything, would love to see pics
  14. I was thinking about add a TMI Center Console but can't find to many pictures of it, and do you guys think about them, my interior is going be bright white so I'm not worried about looking original.
  15. What is the trim piece call, where can I get it from
  16. Thanks I going order the sail panel and package tray, but there seems to be a panel or something missing under the sail panel
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