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  1. Hi Adam. I quickly threw some black on a copy of your green image. Sorry it's a bit messy but it gives you an idea of the look you're after. How about black with the semi gloss stripes I know you have in the box. ;)
  2. Hi Adam. Murray here. Glad you are on this site now. These guys offer an awsome amount of knowledge and encouragement. The car is looking awesome! It is in good,good hands!
  3. Hi guys. There are times we all make decisions and it was my time to make one. My '72 Mustang has been sold. I put a very fair price on it and it was gone the next day. The good news is that it went to a good home, a lucky young man still waiting to get his drivers licence at 16 years old! He understands that he is taking ownership of a 40+ year old car that will need constant maintenance, but it's cool that he prefers this to a new Honda or Subaru! This is the shot of him and his father leaving with my baby.
  4. Two things... First is the length of the nose. Too much overhang. But mostly its the placement of the wheels in the front wheelwell. Check out this pic of mine. With the 20's you can really see that the wheel needs to be pushed forward in the wheelwell for the proper aesthetic, much like the way people are centering the front wheels in the '53 to '56 Ford trucks. Yup, I can't look at a side view of our Mustangs and ignore this. Drives me crazy!
  5. I was kind of fixated on the '69 Camaro styled grille but have to say that 68 style looks really cool. Makes the car look a mile wide. Nice.
  6. That first Aussie Landau front end really looks like a 70-72 LTD. The direction of the hide-aways I'm going for is to use the existing grille hoop, set the lights farther back in relation to the grill and fashion headlight covers with translucent twin slots much like a '69 RS Camaro (oops there's that C word again) that allow the lamp to shine through in case the door will not open.
  7. Hey guys. Just playing on the drawing board and was wondering what our Mustangs would look like with hide-away-headlights in the same vein as the '69 Camaro. It wouldn't be too far of a stretch especially if you follow the '70 Mustang styling cues with the twin louvers outboard of the headlights and create sliding headlight covers with two slots. Since this modification may be best suited to a custom Stang how about a Speedster! One in color. Oh and to answer the question in a previous thread about a Mustang Ranchero and what it would look like? And another one with the full Country Squire treatment. Not as ungainly as one might think. But I go back to the hide-way- headlight idea. I honestly think this one could be pulled off and look absolutely like factory option. Modify the headlight buckets to push them deeper into the grille cavity and build the headlamp doors to work with a suitable motor drive.
  8. You know, I was kind of pondering the same thing Mike. I think the Mustang may be long enough to make a Ranchero varient look proportional. I'll see if I can put one together for tomorrow.
  9. Hey guys. I noticed the subject of a Mustang wagon pops up evey once in a while so I figured I'd whip up a couple of quick renderings and put in my two cents worth.The black and white image shows some of the body detail. The second image is in bright yellow. But my favorite is the Olympic Edition. So let the debate begin. Would it be worth cutting up a base fast back to build one of these Sport Backs ?
  10. Looks like a good deal to me and I'm with everybody else on getting a good look underneath for structural rust. As for the rear spoiler, I believe I am correct in saying they were never factory installed but many were dealer installed or installed by the owners. They are such a popular additions to rags that they are a natural add -ons. I added mine when shortly after I bought my car.
  11. Yours will still be cool with them torque thrusts on it my friend :cool: Voila. Steelies and dog dishes. Only the stock size but it would not be hard to imagine them widened with some serious meat on them. Here it is with my Centerlines the day after I bought it. With a set of 17x8s I had originally planned on using. And finally the 20's. So if you are curious about what your Stangs would look like with different wheels and diameters I guess my car is the guinea pig!
  12. Thanks for the kind words guys. I have always used this site for encouragement and advice. Even the choice of blackwalls or white letters was helped by all the images on this site.While I have always mounted my tires on any wheel blackwall out, the white letters out just look right on the Magnums. But wouldn't it be cool if you could get a modern radial with the "Firestone Wide Oval" or "Goodyear Polyglas GT" lettering on them?
  13. Hi guys. First, I'd like to wish everybody a Happy New Year. Second, I thought I'd show the Mustang as it slowly evolves back to a more stock configuration. Just picked up a set of 15" x 7" Magnums for $300, (which I think was pretty reasonable) and mounted a set of T/A's I had in storage.Next to come are a new set of springs and shocks. While I may miss the nasty look of the 20's and the slammed stance, I will look forward to a much nicer and comfortable ride and I really like the look of the Magnums! It's funny, it's this website and you folks and the pictures of beautifully restored cars that was the catalyst to bring the car closer to stock.
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