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  1. I bought a instrument cluster with tachometer and wanted to replace the normal one (without tachometer) against the other one. But when comparing I saw that the connector plug is another. Does an adapter exist of 18 pins to 12 pins? Or is there an original connector plug of 12 pins to buy? I've seen a manual in which you transform an 18 pin to 12 pin, but I don't want to destroy my original 18 pin. Apart from that, I would solder the cable directly to the circulate board and build it with another 12 pin plug to the wire harness. Did someone ever had the same problem and an other solution for this? Greedings from Germany Christian
  2. My door does not open anymore. since my english is too bad to explain it I made a video. I do not know how to continue :( What did I have to do? Greetings from Germany Christian
  3. Thanks Can someone tell me exactly how these fittings are called and what dimension they have? Since there are several inch threads and I have always had problems in the past with different inch threads :D greetings Christian
  4. I Search a Pressure Line for my stearing pump that looks like that at zur Picture. I often by at Rockauto, Summit and German Pages, but I can't find it. Greetings from Germany Christian :)
  5. I have bought a quite cheap 351C 4V from 1973 and now I started to break down the Engine and reduild it. For this I wanted to use my 600cfm Summit carburetor. But I know that I'll need an appropriate carburetor bridge. In addition to that I have planed to build in a another camshaft. Everything else is still original and not needed to be changed. I actually just want to have the car for everyday use and normal street driving. Its alright to have quite a bit power but there should still be torque. Therefore my question here is which suction bridge and camshaft can you recommend?
  6. The 4V-Engine I've brought is with Original 4bbl-Manifolds. (See Picutre above) Somebody told me that I would need a C4 because the 4bbl-Manifold doesn't fits properly with the C6!?
  7. Hello, I have a 351C 2V and a C6 in my 71' Convertible. I would now like to replace the 2V with a 4V. But I have heard that if I want to take the original manifold, that does not work with the C6 gearbox!?? Is that correct? Or do I just need another hosepipe? Greetings Christian
  8. So many Germans ....hätte ich gar nicht gedacht ;) Im Mustang Inside Forum sind ja fast weniger 71-73er als hier Deutsche :D Bn übrigens auch aus Hessen....Kassel :cool: Grüße Christian
  9. Hi I'm interested, because my Heads are scrap. I have new Valves but the Valve Guide have to much clearence. The Guides are okay by your Heads? ...or what does "a few valve are sunk" mean? (My Englisch is to bad to understand what it means) And would you Ship to Germany? Christian My Head:
  10. Wow...Thanks for so many welcomes in so short time. ::thumb::
  11. How can I adjust mein Convertible Top, that it not longer sags at the door glass? Short Answers with Pics will be more helpful then long text, because my english is very bad. :D Christian :)
  12. Hallo from Germany My name is Christian and I am 30 years old. Since 1 year I have a Mustang Convertible with 351C 2V. I have often problems where I can not find help in a german forum, because there are not so many Mustangs of 71-73 in Germany. The reason why I have not registered here earlier is my bad English. But I hope with the help of Google to get everything translated. And with the help of this forum to get everything to repair. Christian
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