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  1. I found some nos lamps for another application,these are the EXACT same only they do not have the eng # on the backside (cannot see once installed anyway). I had all wiring and fuse holder made by alloy metal products (supplier of all mustang wiring) sourced all hardware from AMK,all correct looming and tape,even paper tag/sticker. 71 is unique by itself and if you have tried to find one you know,lot of work invested to be perfect $295 plus shipping LTHLMH@EMBARQMAIL.COM for pics thanks Larry
  2. The repro D0OZ-8349-A rad air deflector fits 71-73 mustang and cougar, 70-71 torino cyclone (72 very similar) and have seen on some 70's big cars. The difference is in the rad width,it comes around 24" but can have a inch cut from both sides (22") to fit small rad cars. The original assembly line clips are T shaped,I could not source these but offer the ford replacement clip which is square in apperance. Hope that helps thanks Larry
  3. You are right I did post a few parts I make,I will keep the post limited to spare parts
  4. I did introduce myself in my first parts post,I sold my 71 mustang and was looking to offer my spare parts to the members here first,if this is frowned upon I will refrain from posting
  5. repro air deflector,made using a nos part as a pattern, made in the U.S. , $35 replacement clips $4 for 4. plus shipping thanks Larry LTHLMH@EMBARQMAIL.COM
  6. repro lower w/s moulding strip,this is the plastic u-channel that goes on the bottom of the w/s, I made this using a nos sample,made in the U.S. $25 plus shipping thanks Larry LTHLMH@EMBARQMAIL.COM
  7. nos D1ZZ-17526-A,D1ZZ-17527-B wiper arms, D1AZ-17528-C blades, all nos in ford boxes $250 plus shipping thanks Larry LTHLMH@EMBARQMAIL.COM
  8. assembly line style,zerkless with B stamp,nos ford. 1 in box 1 loose $150 pr. plus shipping thanks Larry LTHLMH@EMBARQMAIL.COM
  9. have a new repro set of mach 1 chrome exhaust tip still in box, bought years ago and never used $65 for the pair plus shipping please email LTHLMH@EMBARQMAIL.COM thanks Larry
  10. Thanks for the welcome,Do not have a 71-3 anymore and just trying to find a home for extra parts,as a side venture I repro parts for 70-71 torino and some fit 71-73 mustang. Some items I make are the lower w/s moulding (plastic), radiator air deflector,assorted 429 cj parts,and just got done making the D0OB battery heatshield. I have been a vendor for NPD for years. Thanks for the space and will list more used and nos as I have time as it is still boxed up from carlisle
  11. have a new complete set of lower decor mouldings (16 pcs) with new amk fasteners,this is the anodized aluminum mouldings that seperate the lower black from the body color, These were purchased from metro obsolete in Ga. years ago for a 71 C-code restoration and never used.My understanding is they came from the original supplier. $450 + shipping in a pvc tube please email thanks Larry LTHLMH@EMBARQMAIL.COM
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