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  1. I’m in Charleston , I’m 29 and really Ill but I’m building a 73 Mach 1 as a final build before my MS gets worse. Have a small budget and looking for parts, I know this post is old but I figured once a mustang guy always a mustang guy. Blue skies, Johnny
  2. I am gathering components for a 351 FI build and this fuel pump would really help me out. If it’s available I’ll be able to use it for this build. Thanks Johnny
  3. Steering wheel any good ? Console condition and price ? Window /door chrome? Thanks John
  4. Thanks for the pic , how much to 29403? 3514boltstangConsole
  5. Also looking for a pillar interior trim, glove box trim, shifter bezel , oh and turn signal column switch. I’m looking for parts to finish a project before my MS gets worse Thanks again
  6. Cost for lowering spring front and rear, , front pass and driver glass and quarter glass , leaf springs , shackles, steering wheel And any other performance suspension stuff if you have it Thanks Johnny
  7. Like stated in previous reply I’m looking for a lot of parts but would love that console and the other parts listed if you decide to part it and not sell as a whole.
  8. I need a console, shifter bezel , a pillar trim, grille, maybe d&p glass if unscratched, louvre glass trim, brake switch on e brake, glove box trim, seat trim pieces, oil cap if oem, and door panels if standard . Thanks
  9. I already bought them from him , he’s probably been too busy with work to remove ad
  10. Have a picture of the mounting brackets , my quarters are all messed up from someone trying to remove glass incorrectly . Thanks Johnny
  11. I had to drill the hole where the post is i guess it was a bit smaller, as for the safety issue I saw a lot of articles on that, I also think I had issue because of the screws I had were the ones in picture and not flush like there supposed to be. I couldn’t find the correct screw at Lowe’s , but I may be able to order some. I figured a bit of rtv on the cracks may help along with the rubber renew liquid I have that helps soften things. I also may cut a new rubber gasket and try to replace the original. Thanks guys
  12. I have an Autolite gas cap I’m assuming off a 71 that I want to use on my 73 Mach but the original filler neck doesn’t line up with the holes on the cap. Anyone know how to solve this? Do I buy a 71 filler neck? Thanks Johnny Here’s a pic of cap and my fuel neck
  13. 73 mustang grille and signals all included except side trim, no breaks. Best offer through pm gets it. Oem non aftermarket May trade for Mach grille Or other 73 Mach parts Thanks John 434-284-139four Text preferred as I’m very busy for calls
  14. Need the chrome trim that runs span of roof to rear quarter glass , do you have it ?
  15. Take 30$ ? I don't need them but hate to see them tossed Thanks
  16. The 1/4 glass have the trim ? If so how much?
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