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  1. I hear you, would like to see the other pages as well lollerz You got a beatifull yellow Mustang, congrats on being displayed in the magazines!
  2. Thanks, should be nice living in Northern California. Our headquarters is in San Leandro and I am jealous about my colleagues, they need to choose whether to go water skiing or snow skiing :-)
  3. Checked out your blog. Seems you had the 300a convertor, did you noticed any performance gain after switching back to gasoline? Removing LPG makes the engine bay so much cleaner. Btw like the red gloves :-) I am still deciding either LPG only (using Impco 425) and no hybrid or back to gasoline only.
  4. Thanks, Cadzand, I believe that is way down south of the Netherlands (From North to South it is a healthy 186 miles drive :-)). Enjoy your stay at Cadzand, the weather forecast is positive, it is gonna be warm and sunny tomorrow.
  5. Thank you. Scandinavia, one of my favorite regions in Europe. You've got the most beautiful women over there :-) Went many times to Wings and Wheels meetings in Sweden and it was always very nice to drive in Denmark . ::thumb::
  6. Thank you, Sniper EFI dat is wel heel erg cool! Die van mij rijdt (nog) op LPG, denk dat ik het eruit ga halen. Volgens mij moet een 4V goed ademen in hoge toeren. Ben zelf half Japans en half fries (hoe bedenk je het :-)), maar vanuit mijn werk heb ik altijd veel met Franse bedrijven gewerkt. Gelukkig kan je in Nederland relatief makkelijk een Amerikaan op kenteken zetten, dat is in Frankrijk niet altijd eenvoudig. Sorry, needed to reply in Dutch :-). My Mustang has been converted to drive on L.P.G. which is kinda cheap/doable to drive over here and supposedly good for the environment as well. However I think a 4V will better off with a good Holley and good CFM rating. And although born in The Netherlands, I am half Japanese, but no ricers for me :-)
  7. This year I haven't been to the dragraces at Drachten. Years ago I actually did some drag racing, when driving high 13's was still very fast for a street car. Now my friends street cars drive in the 12's including all the money you need to spend :-)
  8. Thank you all for the greetings! For the Dutch guys, I live up north in Heerenveen, Friesland.
  9. Hello all, Nice to join this great forum. I just recently bought a 1972 Mach 1 and although I am not new to the American Muscle car scene, this is my very first Mustang. Previously owned vehicles were mainly Pontiacs and now starting to learn Ford vehicles. The 71 - 73 Mach 1 are one of my favorite looking muscle cars (I really love the factory available striping, black hood option & spoilers). The 72 Mach 1, I bought as an H code vehicle and later to found out it has a 4V Cleveland with a C6. It is in somewhat rough conditions, but very good drivable and will be fixed where needed. (Currently the C6 is being repaired (morning sickness), new Torq Thrust wheels and get the 71/72 side striping.) Anyway, I already learned a lot from this site and all the available info and pictures sure did help getting acquainted with the Mustang. Thanks. get url for picture Best regards, Sipke
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