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  1. According to Pertronix the 0.6 ohm is for 6 volt systems, so that might work OK with the resistor. 1.5 ohm is for 12 volt 8 cyl and 12 volt 6 cyl. 3.0 ohm is 4 & 6 cylinder 12 volt. You might have to do some convincing to not just use the 1.5 ohm and get rid of the resistor wire. If you are using a relay to get the 12 volts for the distributor you can just wire in both the coil and distributor to the relay. Then you have a good solid ignition.
  2. I could not find a Pertronix that is designed for reduced voltage, except using a stock coil. I also could not find anyone, except on this board, that has had success with Pertronix using a coil on the resistor wire. All of them removed or bypassed the resistor wire. Just passing along info.
  3. Pertronix, stock look distributor, which is the same as P1, and a flamethrower distributor. I wired it up like your diagram with the relay (I still had the factory tach) and the car started and ran. I had it on a dyno last week and guess what? On the resistor wire with ?? 7-9 volts the spark was not enough to drive the engine beyond 4k without breaking down. Since I have now changed my tach to a 3 wire I don't need the resistor wire. I added my flamethrower coil to the relay so both coil and distributor got a full 12 volts and the engine runs great. I'm going to put it on the dyno again when I get some carburetor tuning done. With the low voltage to the coil and a lower spark it wasn't burning efficiently and the engine smelled really rich. With the full 12 volts now, the rich smell is pretty well diminished. Hoping to have the carb work done in a week or so, so I can get it back on the dyno. The AFR was about 14 at cruise and need to get that a tad lower.
  4. I'm in the process of wiring up my car with the Pertronix distributor to the 2001 and my flamethrower coil to the Red/green wire. Just thought I'd check in and see if your car is still running good set up this way. Pertronix says not to do it this way, and people I've mentioned it to have never heard of it working. So, again, just checking in. Thanks
  5. Don't buy the speakers from CJP. I bought a set a few years ago and they sound like crap. Meanwhile, is there any set of door speakers out there that anyone has found that fit without cutting?
  6. What are people using to replace the door scuff plate support? It's the support that goes under the carpet where the scuff plate (sill plate) screws down.
  7. What do you all use for the door scuff plate support that goes under the carpet?
  8. Looking to find a source for the rubber window glass tape to replace the stainless molding on the front of the quarter window glass. Ford part ESB-M3044-A. Also, is there a tutorial on installing the drip rail and window seal trim pieces? Ford body manual doesn't have a good description and doesn't mention where to use the foam seal. Is there foam seal between the drip rail and the body? And what about between the drip rail and the window seal trim? Thanks
  9. Does anyone know off hand what the length of axles are for 71-73? Not the axle housing, just each axle separately. Has anyone sourced replacement axles and can let us know what your experience is with different vendors? Thanks
  10. Set the choke, one crank. When warm, barely one crank, starts right up.
  11. I have the RAM AIR setup for my car. I need a stock height manifold and it sounds like the Edelbrock 2665 is the one I need for my 4V Cleveland. Anyone know how much better than stock it is? Or of any other manifolds that will work, that are good manifolds? Looks like stock distributor is best, probably with a pertronix upgrade, so my factory tach still works. Any different info out there? Thanks
  12. I keep seeing conflicting information on what aftermarket intake manifold and distributor will actually work with a functional RAM AIR system on a 73 Mach 1 351C. Without making any modifications to the RAM AIR. So I'll just ask the question - since I can't find a reasonable answer in any threads or on other forums. What 4V intake manifolds will work? Other than stock 4 barrel manifold. What electronic distributors will work? Must work with factory tach. And another question - has anyone used the 429 RAM AIR base on a 351C with one of the taller manifolds? Thanks.
  13. Looking for anyone that has repaired or replaced the lower clip on the headlight bezels. Upper screws might hold it OK, but that lower clip would be nice to have in place. Thanks
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