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  1. Thats a common issue I've seen quite a lot on cars that have had a quarter panel section or any part of the wheel arch replaced. Very few people check for symmetry the distance of the wheel arch fender lip to the inner wheel house or a good known point on the unibody when replacing panels. I've noticed this situation on every 71-3 Mustang. It's especially noticeable when trying to put the widest rim/tire combo on. I bought a Percy's wheel and tire simulator and would say there's easily a half inch less distance to the outside of the right wheel to the quarter lip than to the left. I'm running a Granada axle housing, which brings the axle flange 1.625 inches inward on each side. Looks like a 18 x 10 rim will fit both sides with 4.25 inch back spacing. Will have to lose the factory style rear sway bar to do this. I was running a 15 x 8 rim, 5.5 back spacing. I experimented with running a .25" spacer on the left side to make it symmetrical to the wheel houses. The car drove weird with it on. Felt unstable, and was too easy to change lanes. I think Ford engineered the car to have the rear offset just a little. I think if a person put a different back space on each side to maximize use of the wheelhouse, the car wouldn't drive right.
  2. I measured, and it has a 5/8" rear bar. I'm putting a 69/70 axle housing into it in hopes of getting the wheel offset to more closely match the front. The rear bar will likely interfere with the wheels, so it might be left off.
  3. My experience on the way I had my closed chamber 4V Cleveland set up was: no vacuum advance, I think it was abt. 12 degrees initial, went to 38 degrees total advance, and I hit total advance by 2200 RPM. This was on 11.5 compression, 3310 vac. secondary 750, 2400 stall C4, headers, 2.25 exhaust. Flat tappet cam with Rhoads Lifters, MSD, .565 lift, 225 degrees duration @.050, Torker intake. I think a big early shot of accelerator pump takes care of a lot. I used the orange pump cam where it would hit the accelerator pump right off idle. can't remember if it was position 1 or 2 on the pump cam. Always adjust pump lever for .015" overtravel. Always use vacuum gauge to maximize idle vacuum with the mixture screws after you've established idle speed. Idle mix should be your last adjustment before messing with accelerator pump.
  4. I've had good luck with these Borlas https://www.summitracing.com/parts/bor-40358 I based my decision on a dyno test I saw online where they also checked loudness in decibels. These were both quietest and most power/torque. Not by a wide margin, but I really like them in that they're very compact. I use them on my 460 powered '79 Ranchero, and I have another set in the box to go on my '72 Mustang. Also recommend band clamps for ease of disassembly. Still makes a good mellow sound that doesn't irritate the neighbors.
  5. Jason, what brand of front sway bar did you use, and does it fit well? I've seen posts about the Total Control Products, and much of it has influenced my decision to go that route. I'm just working out the details on what to buy. I know I could have called TCP, but putting it out here might give me some more insights. Maybe suggestions on related parts as well. I did go with the quick ratio Saginaw steering box. Still putting the car back together, but the steering box is in the car, and the ratio is quickened a lot. Should be fun when I get it back on the road.
  6. I like what I see on the Total Control Products' front suspension coil over conversion. I think I want to get the Quick Set 2 setup. One of my questions is whether or not to get the lowered mounting position for the upper arm. I thought I read someplace that the 71-3's had that problem solved to where lowering the upper arm mounting points was not necessary. Next question is which front stabilizer bar to use with this setup. Am leaning toward the 1", unless I hear much different on this. Am running a 408C and planning on 18X9 rims up front.
  7. How does Iola compare to Spring/Fall Jefferson? About the same size? I've been to Jefferson. Lots of "stuff" there. Not that much Ford stuff at Jefferson, but some things there were decent.
  8. That's exactly the info I was looking for. Thanks a lot! That convertible has the perfect stance, and the tires are in good proportion to the wheels and wheel openings.
  9. I always thought the SR-71 was an amazing aircraft. The more I've read about it, the more I appreciate the engineering that went into it. Thought it would be a good metaphor for my '72 Mustang. My uncle worked for Kaiser Electronics in San Jose back in the '80's, and would get me t-shirts with aircraft like the F-15 Eagle, or the F-16 Falcon on it; I've always had some fascination with military aircraft.
  10. Thanks, I really appreciate the compliments! I'll have to check all of your Mustangs out. It's interesting to see everyone's take on the big Mustangs and what they've done to them. One of the first things that struck me about my '72 when I first saw it was it's long hood. I tried to accentuate that by leaving the antenna off and having a hidden one inside the right inside quarter trim. It does alright for reception. I also have Sirius radio on this, with the antenna hidden under the package tray. I'm sure the big back window doesn't hurt reception. It's fun to do modifications to the car that are not at first noticed, but are functional. With the E-85 setup, I'm running the Aeromotive Stealth in-tank pump which goes into the top of the tank. Too bad it won't be seen by anyone when it's installed, but that's the whole idea. best picture hosting
  11. I haven't seen anything on this in a while, but does anyone know what size tires, and rim widths/offsets to run on a '72 for fronts and rears? I've had the indentation for the spare on the right inner wheelhouse removed, so that shouldn't be a factor. I've also noticed on every 71-3 I've ever seen that the right rear wheel sits about 3/8 inch closer to the wheel lip than the left side does. I know a person can fix that with a custom wheel offset, but would that cause some unforeseen problems with vehicle stability? It's as if Ford engineered it that way on purpose. I also have a 69-70 rear axle housing to use in this car in hopes of getting a better looking offset for the rear wheels so they more resemble the fronts.
  12. temporary photo upload images upload Hopefully these pictures post. BTW, I'm from Waterloo.
  13. Got my avatar set, tried to upload an image from my phone. Got trapped in some website called imagebb.com. Might have to take another shot at it tomorrow.
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