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    1972 Mustang fastback - sitting for awhile while working on '64 galaxie - am now starting work on it. Always thought the '72s were very cool - now I get to bring it back to life.


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  1. Jake

    engine swap

    Thanks, sounds nice.
  2. Jake

    engine swap

    Thanks, I understand.
  3. Jake

    engine swap

    Howdy folks, I have a '72 mustang with a 351 w. Am wondering if a stripped down '89 351w out of a truck will bolt up to the 4 speed? Also, will the heads swap directly? Thanks for any info
  4. Thank you for that - was hoping for a miracle for once but I figured I would have to do that anyway.
  5. Howdy folks, Just acquired a 72 fastback and the first order of business is - is there a good way to unstick some seriously rusted stuck front disc brake pads so we can get this thing moving, any suggestions before I start taking everything apart? Thanks for any info.
  6. Howdy folks, New guy here. Just acquired a 1972 351 fastback that's been sitting for awhile and am looking forward to picking ya'alls brains. I also have a '64 Galaxie that I like to throw around. That's all for now. See yas around the website.
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