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  1. Thanks for the info guys. I am hoping to bring home a 71 SCJ I owned 35 years ago and would definitely want to put a spoiler on it. Love the look.
  2. Just wondering if the front spoiler on a 71 Mach was an option, standard or if one has one it's been added along the way? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the info. I've been wondering about that one for a while. Too bad you couldn't order what you wanted... I think grabber green would have looked good with argent but grabber blue and argent just doesn't go together for me... Oh well, if can ever score a BOSS 351 it will have to be pewter anyway. Thanks
  4. Was it possible to order grabber blue with black trim? I've seen a few in the images section on google and there is one for sale right now on ebay. If not it's a shame as black stripes look so much better than argent in my opinion, at least on grabber blue.
  5. 72FastbackWNC, Thank you sooo much for that ebay link. That is the guy/car I have so far been unsuccessful in contacting as I couldn't find that old ebay listing. I have already sent a message and hopefully he will respond. Rozz, I am with you at least right now. I loved that 71 SCJ I used to have but have never had a BOSS 351 and would love to close the circle on the Ford performance cars as I've had a BOSS 302, BOSS 429, 70 Cobra Jet and 71 SCJ but never a BOSS 351...yet. Thanks for the help and well wishes.
  6. Thanks to all for the welcome, much appreciated.
  7. Greetings from Illinois. As the thread title says I have decided it's time to bring another 71 home after a 35 year absence. Once had a 71 SCJ Mach which I sold in 82. Loved everything about the car but being a young man with two little ones at the time I took my profit when I had the chance. Bought it for $3500 and sold it for $7500 a couple years later. A BOSS 351 has been on my bucket list for decades so that's my main focus now however if the right SCJ came along that would be okay too. Last fall there was a guy in Virginia trying to sell a nice Pewter B1 on ebay. He said he was interested in trading for either a 13 or 14 Shelby GT500 but at that time I wasn't interested in parting with mine. I have since changed my mind and found an old ad on google for the car on autoquid, see link below, but nowhere in the description is a phone number and contact through the link has not resulted in contact. Just wondering if anybody knows the car or the guy. It may have sold but just thought I would see if the car is still around and available. Thanks http://www.autoquid.com/car-detail/mustang/Ford-Mustang-Boss-351-1971-ford-mustang-boss-351_291878000871.html
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