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  1. We always try to buy a somewhat running parts car to get engines. A 70 / 71 Torino 4 door rust bucket can be had for 700 bucks. You get all of the brackets, accessories, odds and ends plus can hear it run before you buy it. A few years back we bought a 71 Torino wagon that had all of the glass busted out of it but it ran. We got a running 2V cleveland / C6 for $550.00 When we were done I dropped a junk block in it - loaded it with scrap - and took it to the recycle guy. We got $220.00 for it. Nothing better than a parts car! - Paul
  2. Tom, Wish you were closer. We are looking for a shell to practice cutting spotwelds, removing panels, opening torque boxes and the like before we dive into a full restoration on a 71 M code convertible (that needs to much work) This one looks like we could even salvage some of the parts we need. I live just west of St. Louis and am really thinking to ask my wife if she is up for a road trip. I am thinking 15 hours one way? Hmmmm............. - Paul Quick Edit - It's only 12 hours!
  3. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/819193311813864/
  4. Wandered across this on Facebook Marketplace. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/819193311813864/ I do not know much about Sprints but this might be one. FUN! - Paul of Mo
  5. We lived in Florida for years and the sandy soil is almost 50% salt. There was a farm north of Tampa that had dozens of collectible cars sitting around and all of them looked like they had been buried up to the center of the wheel openings. They were not buried they were just completely gone from that point down. My wife said it looked like butter melting. - Son of Paul
  6. Had a spongy rubber fuel line cause this same issue. Back at the tank there was a 6 to 10 inch rubber hose going from the tank to the metal line. After some driving it would suck flat and the car would stall. The hose would pop back into shape and the car would be good to go for another 30 min - wash rinse repeat. Took a bit to figure that one out. - Paul
  7. My dad sold a Boss 429 service block and heads to a customer doing a concourse restoration. The car is a 100 percent / perfect / trophy winning / down to the smallest paint dab and is the most correct Boss 429 in existence. No pistons in it. No valves or valve springs. No clutch or pressure plate. No guts in the 4 speed. No acid in the NOS - date correct battery No fluids......... It gets pushed out of it's heated and air conditioned trailer - gets a trophy - and gets push back on. We fooled around with MCA in Florida and just got tired of it. 20 years ago 71 - 73 go
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mustang-Ram-Air-Hood-Plenum-1971-1973-CJ-Pony-Parts-/123146303371 Still pricey but looks correct and functions. - Paul Just looked and Mac's has the same part for $99 less.
  9. I need a fan blade - You have a fan blade - Perfect. I also need a distributor - Thanks so much! Cost and shipping to 63332 Thanks! - Paul
  10. Young men using tools and getting dirty - WONDERFUL! - Paul
  11. On another note - we always look in the ash trays and under the seats of any old car we have access to. We have found many pre 1965 coins - they are silver - silver is good. There are several 1950'S 4 door heaps in a tree line near us - we found over $100.00 worth silver - mostly dimes and quarters. Back to coffee cups - In one we found a cup that sports 1960's looking girls in bikini's - when you add hot coffee the bikini tops disappear - I still have that one. I torment my children with it. - Paul
  12. The best thing we ever found was a bakelite plastic coffee cup with the old FOMOCO logo on it inside the door of a 1961 Starliner. It was in very good shape and still had coffee stains in it. I do not know what happened to it - my father used it for many years in his shop. - Paul
  13. I know you and my dad exchanged many kind and informative messages. I appreciate that so much. Agreed that a new car is safer - I would not let my kids drive anything older than something from the seventies and certainly not something from the 50's and certainly nothing high performance. That car took a good hit and it looks like the occupants were protected - probably sore but unhurt. They were certainly enjoying that days drive more than if they were in a Civic. (Well, until that last little bit - LOL) Your car would be so perfect for my girls - it is even the correct colo
  14. It would be nice to have an NOS bumper to pull a mold off of. This bumper deal reminds me of chasing down a Grabber hood for my Maverick. I'm surprised that no one has introduced a reproduction bumper or better yet, a carbon fiber, lightweight replacement. Ok - admittedly cheesy. Scuff, prime, paint, a chrome bumper. The size and shape are real close and most people would not even notice. - Paul
  15. Those are wonderful memories are they not? There is a balance between experiencing life and just living through it. Finding that balance is the challenging part. "My first car was a Honda 4 door or something like that - I don't really remember" That is a really sad sentence.
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