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  1. Time to sell some of my Ford Engine Parts. Will Separate. I have several Mustang Projects that need working on so I am going to offer some of my oldest treasures up for sale. Not saying you have to buy all but buying as a bundle will be the best deal to those who might be interested. I am offering up two 4 Bolt Main Cobra Jet 351 Cleveland Blocks with Cranks, Rods, 4 bbl Heads, and Factory Cast Iron 4 bbl Intake Manifolds. I have also included a Standard Bore 1969 428 Cobra Jet Block and yes it has the Big C on the back. Plus 69 Cobra Jet Cylinder Heads, Cobra Jet Crankshaft with the 1U on the Counterweight, plus the Harmonic Balancer, Cobra Jet Cast Iron Intake Manifold, Connecting Rods, Oil Pan, Rockers and Shafts, Push Rods, Timing Cover, Valve Covers. In addition to this I am including a 429 Cobra Jet 4 Bolt Main Block, Crankshaft, Rods, Cobra Jet DO0E-R Heads, Cast Iron Cobra Jet Intake, and Cobra Jet Aluminum Valve Covers. Now for the Icing on the Cake. I am also selling in this Bundle of Ford Muscle Engine Parts a New Old Stock Ford January 8th 1970 Boss 429 Hemi Engine Assembly. The Block has never been used. It has never even been Honed to Standard Size. As most know the Bore of a Stock 429 460 is, 4.360. This Boss Block is 4.357 which is .003 undersize. Along with the New Old Stock Block I have a pair of Used Reconditioned Nascar, (Stock Car) Heads that have had the Seats serviced on a Serdi Machine, and have had a Light .008 Surfaced from the Deck to Freshen the Surface, plus New Stainless Steel Intake and Exhaust Valves, and Rocker Arms, Shafts and Stands, Push Rods are Aftermarket. Valve Covers are not Original but are Blue Thunder. Other Parts included is a Boss 429 Forged Steel Crankshaft, Harmonic Balancer, Heavy Duty Trans Am Rods with the 1/2 inch Rod Bolts plus the Oil Feed Hole from the Big End of the Rod to the Wrist Pin Bushing. Other Parts for the Boss 429 are New Original Standard Pistons, a New Never Used Blue Thunder Boss 429 Medium Rise 2x4 Intake Manifold and a Blower Drive Systems, (BDS) 8:71 Super Charger Blower with New Intake Manifold. I have not purchased the Drive Snout as yet. That is available from BDS for about $795.00. All Engines and parts are being sold in a Bundle for $45,000.00. I have some pictures of the Boss 429 Parts and a picture of the Boss 429 Heads and Super Charger placed on my 460 Block just as a Mock Up to see what it looked like. I have a couple pictures of the 429 Cobra Jet Heads and Valve Covers but don't have other Pictures of engine parts. I will be getting more pictures later. At almost 64 years of age I Just decided it was time to sell some parts to pay for work on Projects. Feel Free to Ask any questions and call for more information. I do have other items that may be of interest so ask. I have decades of parts to sale including Several New Sets of Pistons for Clevelands, and Stroker 429 460 Strokers as well as several more sets of 429 Cobra Jet Cast Iron Heads and one used set of Ford Racing SVO Aluminum Cobra Jet Heads. Not SCJ but CJ that will work on Production Engines with standard valve layout. I have several pairs of Aluminum Heads for 351 engines. Ford Race Cleveland Heads and Yates C3 Heads plus many Aluminum Intake Manifolds for Big Block Ford, 351 Engines, and 302 Engines. Just let me know what you want. Call for more details. 704-516-8033. Thanks, Mike.
  2. Hello, this is Mike. I never did hear back from you. Did you sell the CJ Heads? Give me a call. I can add some $$$ to some of the parts you wanted for the Boss 351. Mike. 704-516-8033
  3. how to upload images to the internet I recently purchased a 1970 Mach 1 to Resale. The Sale Price is, $15,000.00. The floors in the car are original and after inspection only found a small rust through under driver side where the fuel line crosses the floor pan. The Rust area is about the size of an index finger length but not as wide. The Quarters appear to be Rust Free too. I have looked at the Quarter Pockets (wheel wells) in the Trunk area and there is no sign of Rust or Repair. Some scaling is apparent on the flat portion of the trunk floor beside the gas tank where the previous owner placed a piece of carpet. Carpet Sweats and the moisture causes Rust. The Frame Rails and Shock Towers are also in great shape and have no Rust. This is a very good car to build your 70 Mach 1 Dream Car from. The paint on the car is about 2 years old and is not very good as the painter did a poor job. The front and rear bumpers look like New and the Chrome is very good. The Taillight Bezels are in very good condition as well. The Sport Lamps and Grille are in very good condition too. This Mustang also had a Mildly Built Street Strip 460 for Power for the past 20 or so years. The owner of the Mach 1 for the past 25 or 30 years pulled the 460 and sold the car. The Hood has been cut for Carb Clearance and a Boss 429 Style Scoop Bolted on. The Original Engine, the 351 Cleveland has been Bored .030 over was run for a time before switching to the 460. With a New Owner of the Mach 1 now the original 351 engine has been taken apart for rebuilding to put back in the car. I was contacted by the new owner about rebuilding the 351. I have had the block Jet Washed for a good cleaning and had the Cylinders honed. I have the block back at my shop to start the rebuild and the current owner found a different project and wanted to sell. I bought the 1970 Mach 1 to resale and build the engine for a new buyer if that is what the new buyer wants. I have other engines I can build. I can build a 393 or 408 Stroker with this 2 bolt main block or I have a few 4 bolt main blocks. I have 351 Windsor Blocks I can also build as well as a 428 Cobra Jet. I also have a couple 429 Cobra Jet Engines I can build. Either way it is up to a new buyer which engine he would like. The previous owner had Button Tuck Interior installed about 20 or 25 years ago and it is still in the car. There are 14 inch Chrome Magnum Wheels on all corners and are in pretty good shape. Please call me with any questions at 704-516-8033. I have this car on Ebaymotors, Craigslist, 460ford forum, Racingjunk.com and here. Will be posting it on other sites too in order to make the best effort to sell it. There are some cheaper cars out there but most need Floors and Quarters and that cost more than the car. Thanks for looking and I have pictures I will try to post but if you don't see any give me a call and I will send them to you.. Thanks, Mike.
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