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  1. If you do decied to change out the FPA headers, I would be interested in them....

    Thanks, Jay

  2. Looking for rear window trim, complete or right side upper. Let me know. Thanks, Jay
  3. Guys, I converted to Duraspark last winter on my 460 and will never look back to points, unilite module failures or others Pertronix issues. The installation was straight forward and I grabbed the 12v feed at the point where the resisitor wire ties into the ignition switch. This way I left the original "resistor wire" in place. I used a small cap recurved distributor from one of the vendors and my motor never ran better..... Thanks, Jay
  4. I installed TMI deluxe covers and foam on my Mach 1. They fit very well with good comfort. During a recent cleaning, after about 3 years since installed I found a couple of splits in the vinyl on the bolster of the drivers seat. I do not believe anything can be done with it to correct, just an FYI. thanks, Jay
  5. I agree that I too cannot get used to the new format. I have not been on very much since the change over. I have tried and tried.... Thanks, Jay
  6. I have a driverside exhaust manifold that I would "Pay it Forward" if you like. It would probably be about $20.00 or so to ship. Let me know by PM. Thanks, Jay
  7. Whats up with the left front fender flange cut up ? Possibly to see the VIN ? Thanks, Jay
  8. David, I just changed my booster over the winter and you are welcome to my original 73 unit as a practice piece for shipping only.... Let me know. Thanks, Jay
  9. Heater core is leaking and its leaking out of the condensate drain nipple.
  10. Guys, Unfortunately, since I had a brief act of mindlessness the other night and ran over a Belgium block curb and bashed my oil pan pretty good, I am set to pull motor and replace the pan. I have had a annoying drip from the rear main seal since I put this car together and figure "while its out" I might as well install a new seal. I been doing research on the interweb and found that "seal crush" is the topic of the month for rear main seal installation on the 385 series motors. Any input, suggestions or actual experiences for me on this ? Your help and guidance would be appreciated.
  11. Struggling to get the door windows adjusted properly to stop the dreaded air whistle. I think I am close...... Now for a little road trip with my lovely to see our beautiful daughter. Thanks, Jay
  12. Agreed and he is always open to questions.... Thanks, Jay
  13. Turtle, I am too on the band wagon for the purchase of the "body donor" for all your cool stuff. Your car would almost for sure need more attention that you realize at this point. Take the drive and check it out without hezitation.... Thanks, Jay
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