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  1. Gas adjusts that I bought when I put the car together.... Thank, Jay
  2. Just my two cents, I replaced my KYB's with four new Bilstein's and it made an amazing difference in how my car handles, turns and drives. I would suggest these shocks even though they do seem pricy. Spend the money once.... Thanks, Jay
  3. I have used for multiple Ford motor projects is Danbury Competition in Danbury, CT. The owner, Joe LaPine is very well versed in all Ford motors. https://danburycomp.com/ Thanks, Jay
  4. Don't forget to replace the "anti-rattle" assemblies. Check with Don @ Ohio Mustang. I would bet that is 95% of your rattle issue, it was mine. Thanks, Jay
  5. To be continued, in a conversation I had last week with my State Farm agent, he stated that they will be involved with Hagerty in some form. He didn't have any additional info as off yet.....
  6. Actually my car has never had a hood and I have been caught in the rain more times that I can count.... It has never stopped running, ever... Thanks, Jay
  7. Jeff, I cannot see the photos from my work laptop due to corporate issues but, just a thought that the windshield frame needs to be cut down to enable the much needed gasket at the top. I did not do this and only realized that there actually was a gasket until my car was assembled & driving in the rain... Now, I always have to drive with a towel on my lap.... Thanks, Jay
  8. Great Job.... You should be proud of everything you accomplished on this car and all the others you complete. I would like to shake you hand and buy you a beer or two for your work keeping these cars on the road. Thanks, Jay
  9. Impressive.... You are for sure too cheap @ $35.00 per hour when a shop would get $100.00 plus per hour. Great work !!!
  10. There are anti rattle devices installed on the guides for the windows that wear out. Don from Ohio Mustang has them usually. I installed them on my Mach and rattle is gone.... Thanks, Jay
  11. Ken, Glad to hear that you have finally sorted out the Q-Jet issues. Have you ever thought that your beautiful 429 is rejecting the GM carb..... Thanks, Jay
  12. Kevin, One of my buddies just rebuilt a 65 fastback utilizing all Dynacorn panels. He basically jacked up the roof, A pillars and back window opening and put all new floors, front frame rails, aprons, one piece floor, firewall and dash. All worked out well and parts mostly fit well with a few adjustments needed. It worked out well and I'm sure you will be replacing more than you are thinking, as always. Let me know if you need any guidance on install or just questions, I'm sure he would be happy share knowledge.... Thanks, Jay
  13. If your talking the module with the electric plug not the actual "key" tumbler, unfortunately it cannot be done. Dropping the column is actually quite simple. Just be careful with loosening and tightening the attachment nuts, the studs easily break off the column. Thanks, Jay
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