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  1. Jowens, Looks like a great addition to your car for sure, once you get it sorted out. One of my buddies did a 4 wheel disc conversion on a 64 brand X with the same type of kit. He, who is a professional mechanic struggled with the instructions and many variable options and parts included in the kit. He felt the same as you when first opening the box...... The customer / technical assistance is marginal, at best. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and he was able to conquer this project and I'm sure you will too !!! Thanks, Jay
  2. Awesome, good luck with your latest addition..... Thanks, Jay
  3. Ken, I'm sure the coupe will end up as beautiful as your two verts...... Thanks, Jay
  4. Ken, It looks like you have found your next diamond in the rough..... I do agree with you about the outstanding details with this car. It will be a beauty as with your other top shelf cars for sure. Thanks, Jay
  5. I did the same as 7173Vert with using the internals of an electronic voltage regulator and the fancy cover from Marti or Drake and never looked back because it works, all the time..... Thanks, Jay
  6. Guys, I do not believe that we should be discussing unions, politics or religion on this site. There is enough controversy in the world today. I am a union pipefitter and definitely have a different view on the issue. Thanks, Jay
  7. Guys, I have an air gap intake on my model a, I had it blasted and powder coated with mostly clear with a touch of gray and it looks like it was just blasted and stays that way. Thanks, Jay
  8. Ken, My neighbor actually has a Pastel Blue B9 in this garage that he has owned since he was 16. Thanks, jay
  9. Did you check the clearance between the bottom of the oil pick up and oil pan ? I recall a thread on this in the past. Just thinking....... Thanks, Jay
  10. The only word is AWESOME !!!! Great job Ken. Enjoy the road with both of your Verts. Thanks, Jay
  11. My wife and both daughters drive my Mach 1 with a 4 speed and the Model A with an auto trans. My youngest probably has put the most miles on the Mach 1 because she drove it to high school...... Thanks, Jay
  12. Contact Don @ Ohio Mustang Supply, he is a advertiser on this site and very knowledgeable & helpful with everything Mustang.......
  13. I would agree with Hemi Killer on the fitment of the headers shown. Another thing I noticed is that if you are going to use those type of motor mounts from an LTD or Torino, the motor ends up being lower adding less clearance than that the original two piece designs. Thanks, Jay
  14. MB, I have been running Mallory Unilite distributors for many years and have had similar issues with the cars dying as you described. I do believe that the module is your issue and I would suggest that you buy a replacement and stash it in the glove box for a "just in case" day. Make sure you by a New unit that is manufactured by Mallory and not a Chinese repop. I would also suggest purchasing and installing the filter that is offered by Mallory also. Good Luck..... Thanks, Jay
  15. Absolutely stunning restoration..... Ken you should be very proud of your accomplishments, a beautiful car for sure. Are you are going to show it at Carlisle in June ? I would love to see it..... Thanks, Jay
  16. Ken, Nice job on the vert..... I would like to see in person if the stars aligned correctly. I took my mach 1 to a Dust off Show yesterday at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck, NY. We had about an hours rain and then clouds, but a good run about 150 miles to and from..... Thanks, Jay
  17. Its amazing that a decal kit and Chinese chrome items make a B351 Tribute !!! Thanks, Jay
  18. I marked the holes using the old weatherstrip as a guide and pierced the holes with a soldering iron. Doing it this way the clips have less of a chance to tear the rubber and have the clips fall out..... Thanks, Jay
  19. GM, I have a shroud from my 73 in NJ, if your interested that waqs for a 351C no air. Let me know..... Thanks, Jay
  20. In NJ winter has typically ended the last 10 yrs in late April or early May and we have not had much if any spring to speak of. We go from mid 40's to 90 very quickly !!! With me its not of matter of if I'm going to leave to a warmer climate but when...... Thanks, Jay
  21. David, Your car looks great for sure. You should be very proud of what you have accomplished in such a short time....... Looking forward to additional photos. I am sure you had a few back in the day moments flash through your mind while firing it up. Congratulations on making your goals. Thanks, Jay
  22. I paid $350 to install front and rear covers, I supplied the new foam for the front and used the original rear foam. I hd them back in a couple days and I finished other things. I would suggest having a profesional complete this work, you will be pleased with the results..... Thanks, Jay
  23. I just rewelded the right side of my rear end this winter. Mine was a crack due to a misalignment of the housing pieces at the factory back in the day. It was located at about 3 o’clock at the center and I believe there is many out there that have the same issue. I actually sent the time and rewelded most of the housing and tube welds just for piece of mind before sandblasting, adding a drain in the bottom and painting. Thanks, Jay
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