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  1. I paid $350 to install front and rear covers, I supplied the new foam for the front and used the original rear foam. I hd them back in a couple days and I finished other things. I would suggest having a profesional complete this work, you will be pleased with the results..... Thanks, Jay
  2. I just rewelded the right side of my rear end this winter. Mine was a crack due to a misalignment of the housing pieces at the factory back in the day. It was located at about 3 o’clock at the center and I believe there is many out there that have the same issue. I actually sent the time and rewelded most of the housing and tube welds just for piece of mind before sandblasting, adding a drain in the bottom and painting. Thanks, Jay
  3. 150 mile one at mecum auction last year with window sticker and all the most original ? Thanks, Jay
  4. Another thought would be to use a product from Eastwood or POR 15 and follow the manufacturers directions. Thanks, Jay
  5. Just a thought, is the air cleaner 429 specific or the standard 351 Ram Air type ? I believe the 429 type, which are not reproduced and are very difficult to obtain. Your only option maybe to modify your present unit. Thanks, Jay.
  6. SEM makes the texture paint that David is refering to. Thanks, Jay
  7. +1 on Green Brake Clean. Stay away from the Walmart brand, its junk...... By the way my mach's rear end was all gummed up and once I cleaned it, the weld around the pumpkin housing was bad, looked to be missed or just caught the edge at the factory and cracked. I repaired, welded and tested prior to sandblasting and paint as few weeks ago...... Thanks, Jay
  8. Guys, Doing a gear change, rear end housing weld repair and general clean up under the back end. I purchased a used rear sway bar and want to install. Would anyone have a few photos of plates installed by leaf springs, my units are all painted and I cannot figure out which one goes where. Thanks, Jay
  9. Kevin, Is that single stage paint ? You should be proud of how you have transformed that mustang, it is a beautiful. The owner should be estastic !!! I have a buddy that helped me with my Mach 1 and he charges by the hour also. You need to give yourself at least a $20.00 per hour raise........ Thanks, Jay
  10. Guys, The only thing I can add is the 429 ram air cleaner has a much different offset than the 351C type.I am not sure if they are different in height. Finding one for a 71 429 mustang is very difficult and costly. Thanks, Jay
  11. I have been successful using testors model paint, rustolemum and my favorite is SEM Trim black after a through cleaning & prep. Thanks, Jay
  12. Guys, I have 235's on the front with 15 x 7 rims and they are a little bulgy for my taste. I also run 255's on the rear on 15 x 8 rims and they fit perfectly. Thanks, Jay
  13. A fellow car buddy had one of the Borgenson units listed installed in his 69 Mach and it was easy to install and made a huge difference in the drivability. I would highly recommend this swap to anyone who wants to drive there car..... Thanks, Jay
  14. Unfortunately, it seems a little alarming that the shop that completed the "rebuild" did not fire up the engine or wanted to be involved. With the current issues with oils, additives, etc with cam and lifters especially, I hope your motor was broken in properly....... Thanks, Jay
  15. Harbor Freight has the pulley extractor kit that is a reasonable cost also.... Thanks, Jay
  16. Just a thought, can't you get a shorter throw shifter for that the trans ? I know the fox body crowd may have some input......
  17. Maybe it would be easier and possibly cheaper to just Fed Ex your luggage..... Thanks, Jay
  18. Maybe a good time to install some new valve stem seals just as a precautionary measure. It sure would be easy now, just saying. That can of worms again...... Thanks, Jay
  19. Bowtie, I was able to obtain a set of P/S brackets & pulleys from a late 70's pick up with a 460 for my installation. This set up bolted right up and I used the original 351C pump. Thanks, Jay
  20. I received the same email from Amazon, I also ordered four cases and they will only honor one at that price.... Thanks, Jay
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