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  1. Welcome from Virginia. Looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing more about its history.
  2. Welcome from Virginia. Looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing more about your progress.
  3. Welcome to the site from Virginia! Nice looking Mach 1. Lots of great info here so make yourself at home.
  4. OLE PONY, my user name too. At first I had normal state plates then changed over to antique plates. No annual fee for the antique plates here in Virginia.
  5. Nice! Not sure I would put the Mach 1 name by the radiator shroud on a convert.
  6. Welcome from Virginia. Lots of great info here. It's great to hear the younger generation taking interest in these Mustangs.
  7. Welcome from Virginia. Great picture and story.
  8. Welcome to the site from Virginia! Great to hear another 73 vert has survived. Lots of great info here.
  9. Here are pics of my 73 convert. The convertible top circuit breaker is circled in red. The fusible link is the orange connector and is factory labeled as fusible link.
  10. Maybe there is an oil spout to go with the old oil cans. Keep the updates coming. My process to bring my 73 convert back to life was to get it on the road mechanically to keep me interested in finishing the body work.
  11. Great pictures. I like the white tiles on the gas station along with your Wimbledon White Mach.
  12. Nice! Sounds logical to me since you have the parts.
  13. Looks great. I'm glad it survived the trans-Atlantic trip. Those mirrors are guaranteed to fall off every decade or so!
  14. Our anonymous donor will hopefully Light Up My Life
  15. Bump I probably would not splurge and purchase one of these for $200 but would be great to have if I won. I purchased 5 tickets. Thanks to the donor.
  16. Just added my location. I guess I disappeared from the map when the forum changed. Thanks to the anonymous donor and I will be buying tickets too. If members do not want to enter full street address on map for privacy concerns, just enter zip code only and it will just show your general location.
  17. It was a paint spill I parked over, big dry puddle up in middle of space. Just thought is looked funny when I walked back to car!
  18. I came out of the Home Depot and noticed the white was leaking from my 73 convert, where do you think it's coming from! 😎😁😁 (Just kidding for you serious thinking folks)
  19. Welcome from Virginia. Let's see some pics.
  20. Once I see the sticker price I'll probably hang on to my 2004 Mach 1
  21. Glad to hear back from you. Give your wife a honey-do list to help you with the Mach 1.
  22. I ordered an inside for my 73 and an outside for the back glass of my Silverado pickup.
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