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  1. I forgot to mention that the underside of my hood had the Ziebart Rustproofing on it. So it was harder to use the stripper. Here is a "before" picture:
  2. When the body shop did my paint they media blasted the top of the hood but said it was better not to media blast both sides, so they used stripper on the underside. Turned out great!
  3. Very cool! Great keepsake! I'm surprised you didn't get your better half in the photo shoot.
  4. Virginia requires both tags so the tag mount was there when new in 73. Not sure if dealer or factory installed.
  5. This thread should help: 7173mustangs.com/thread-windshield-washer-connection?highlight=Windshield+washer
  6. Welcome! I'm also from Northern Virginia! Looking forward to seeing more pictures!
  7. Welcome back! Post up some new pictures of your Mach!
  8. Welcome to the site from Virginia!
  9. I tried the 17 inch wheels from my 2004 Mach 1 and they hit the calipers on my 73 convert. I like the style but did not want to go with spacers. s.
  10. Welcome to the site from Virginia! Looking forward to hearing more and seeing pictures.
  11. Haven't noticed this, I never log out, just close the page.
  12. I bought a set of the decor moldings from Champion Mustang back in 2009. I was very satisfied with the quality. Just a comment on the eBay listing. The front two pieces are not correct for the 73's because of the different bumper and fender. The 73 molding does not go in between the valance and the fender. Notice the tabs in the listing on the two front pieces, 73's do not have these.
  13. For what its worth, I purchased my dash from Dashes Direct about 8 years ago. The quality was great and still looks good today. Hopefully you will get a good quality one if they replace for you. I would ask them to inspect each one before they ship. Good luck.
  14. Looks like you are doing up right. What did you use to clean up the aluminum wheels?
  15. The rattle may be bad rubber grommets where the shock absorber mounts. Easy to check.
  16. Took the 73 convert out of winter storage a couple of weeks ago, but using some of this great weather to do some boating and fishing!
  17. Welcome to the site from Virginia! Nice introduction. Looking forward to hearing more and seeing more pictures.
  18. Bummer, that's the week my daughter and granddaughter are driving up to Virginia from Alabama. Only get to see them a couple of times a year so can't miss out on that.
  19. Welcome to the site from Virginia! Good luck with your search.
  20. Welcome from Northern Virginia from another 73 Wimbledon White Convert owner!
  21. Welcome to the site from Virginia! I saw your post on Facebook. Nice looking 72 and a great present from your wife.
  22. Welcome to the site from Virginia. Lots of great info here. If you can't find it, just ask.
  23. Welcome to the site from Virginia! Unusual color combo!
  24. If it wasn't for the 74 Mustang II I probably would not have my 73 Convertible. My girlfriend at the time had bought the 73 convert new, with my help of course, but she fell in love with the Mustang II and had to have one. I bought the 73 convert after she had only owned it for about 8 months and have had it ever since!
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