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  1. Welcome from Virginia! Lot of great info here if you want to try any do-it-yourself projects.
  2. Welcome to the site from Virginia!
  3. Welcome from Virginia. If you have a passion for this particular 73 then go for it. Lots of great info here.
  4. Pretty picture. Thanks for checking in.
  5. Welcome to the forum from Virginia. Lots of great info in our archives.
  6. Your description of 71/72 is correct, but their listing is wrong including 73. The difference is the two short front pieces that are different on the 73 because of the different bumper. The other 8 pieces do work on the 73.
  7. Great pics. I need to pull out some of my old pictures and scan them in.
  8. Good post! I don't recall seeing that one!
  9. Welcome from Virginia! Keep us updated on your progress.
  10. Great write-up. I added 4 reputation points for your effort.
  11. The 2004 Azure Blue Mach 1 was signed over to my step-son several years ago. He recently got married and traded the Mach 1 in for a SUV! I'm sure this story is familiar to many. I need to take it out of my signature! I still have my 04 Oxford White Mach 1 and my son has the 2001 Bullitt.
  12. The 03-04 Mach 1 got the 02 Cobra engines None of them shared the 03-04 terminator engine, that engine was a beast. It would handle 20 + PSI and 7000 RPM's and it just kept pulling. It was like a mini Cleveland just loved high RPM's Just for clarification, Ford did not produce any 2002 Cobra's in the USA. About 100 were produced and sent to Australia. The Mach 1 engine was based on the 2001 Cobra engine. Here is an excerpt from an article about the comparison: Some people assume that the Mach 1's four-valve engine is identical to the DOHC 4.6 used in the '01 Cobra. True and false. Basically, it's the same engine, except for the Mach 1, Team Mustang enhanced the performance with high-flow four-valve heads, higher compression, new cams (from the 5.4 Navigator, reportedly with the same lift as the '01 Cobra cams but with different overlap and duration), revised calibrations, and improved exhaust manifolds that are also port-matched to the heads. The result is, well, actually less advertised horsepower than the '01 Cobra--305 to 320--something that may be attributed to the Cobra's marketing status as the top-of-the-line performance Mustang.
  13. Right! I have an 04 Mach 1. Several performance differences over the base and GT's of the same year. It has the 32 valve engine like the Cobra, but not a super charger. Bigger brakes, lower suspension, functional shaker, seat contour and style is different and a retro style instrument panel. I don't recall all the differences off hand but I enjoy the car.
  14. Many years ago I took mine in to NTW for tires and sure enough the tech put the air wrench on the sport wheel cover "nut". They bought me a used sport wheel cover.
  15. Blue one looks good, but I don't care for the spoilers on the converts. Maybe if it is one of the Mach 1 tribute converts.
  16. Great story. Looking forward to seeing pictures.
  17. Nice wheels. Reminds of the factory wheels on my 2004 Mach 1. They are 17 inch:
  18. I just use the power ball and polish on mine. You need to do it a least once a year to keep up the shine.
  19. Welcome from Virginia, looking forward to seeing pictures.
  20. Welcome to the site from Virginia. This site is a wealth of knowledge for the 71/73 Mustangs. Keep us posted on your progress.
  21. My 73 convertible came with Firestone tires. I recall 3 of the 4 original tires had tread separation problems at different times. The tread would separate across the width of the tread like it was going to unroll.So be carefull when driving on your old Firestones.
  22. Welcome to the site from Virginia. Looking forward to seeing your pictures.
  23. Welcome to the site from Virginia. Looking forward to seeing pictures.
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