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  1. Happy New Year to all from the East Coast of the USA!


    Welcome to the site from Virginia.
  3. Now your going to make me check all the tire air pressures to get a accurate reading. I guess I haven't checked them since spring.
  4. Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays. Enjoy the season!
  5. Great picture and wonderful family heirloom. Thanks for posting.
  6. Just curious if the 73 Mustangs with the optional forged aluminum wheels came with a steel spare or had the aluminum wheel. Here is a "for sale" ad with a picture of the spare being the aluminum wheel. Could have been added or were they the standard spare with aluminum wheels. https://classics.autotrader.com/classic-cars/1973/ford/mustang/100833532https://classics.autotrader.com/classic-cars/1973/ford/mustang/100833532
  7. Flipping the air cleaner lid upside down even added "that sound" to my 250 back in the day.
  8. Sorry to hear we lost Paul. Hope to hear more from you and I'm sure he would be proud to know that you are fixing up the two converts.
  9. Welcome from Virginia. Looking forward to seeing pics.
  10. Not to beat a dead horse (pun intended, ha) but do you mean this is how a non-Mach 1 with the Decor option would look, with the black all the way up to the aluminum "Ford" door sill plates? On the Mach 1's I have seen, including my own (all repainted however), there is a strip of the body color between the blackout of the upper rocker panel and the aluminum door sill plates. Pastel mentioned the guy sprayed Armor All in the engine bay, and it looks like he hit the tires (no biggie) and the convertible top with it as well. Here are some pics before my restoration. I have owned this car since 74 and my girlfriend at the time bought it new and I helped her pick the car out at the dealership so I know it is the original paint. Also are a couple of pics at the body shop. The painter went to great lengths to match the pattern for all the blackout parts. The overspray was removed off the white.
  11. Yes, the black looks correct for the Decor option treatment. The pictures with the open doors show the correct location for the black out.
  12. This thread was started by me in 2011. Weatherstrip has been on for about 5 years with no issues except as originally described in the following thread because the weatherstripping was too long. I did use weatherstrip adhesive. http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-door-weatherstrip-too-long-on-my-73-convertible?page=3&highlight=weatherstrip
  13. Welcome to the site. Great to see younger folks taking interest in the 71/73's. Lots of good info here to help you fix her up.
  14. In my opinion the 73 with the Decor group gives the car a whole different look and is my favorite. Also the other options are nice such as the am/fm radio, competition suspension, etc. Good luck.
  15. Welcome to the site from Virginia! Looking forward to seeing pictures.
  16. I had a 69 MGB for many years. It was a lot of fun to drive. It had the 4 speed Trans but also had the electric overdrive that worked in 3rd and 4th gear so it effectively had 6 different ranges. I still have a 60 MGA that is a failed restoration for me.
  17. I bet your son is happy! Congrats on the win too.
  18. Looks great. I just gave it a "like" on Facebook.
  19. Welcome to the site. It's great the Mach is staying in the family.
  20. Welcome from Virginia. You will find a lot of comradery here.
  21. Sorry to hear about your loss of the Mustangs. I'm glad you survived OK. Sounds like Hagerty treated you well.
  22. Welcome to the site. Sounds like a great find.
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