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  1. none unfort. :( right now i am actually working on getting my license back. lost em due to a cop being a prick. had a old 1988 ford ranger xlt and the clutch blew out and traded it for a s10 but it was in some dinged up shape. drove but in my city i am in now, you need to pass inspection and the s10 didnt. also found out at that momeny my insurance ran out. once i get my license back i am getting me a shelby gt500 cobra 1970 i can get one right now for 500 but needs some body work. but i can't spend any money due to need my license before i can even own a car in my name. I think someone is pulling your leg if they offered you a 1970 Shelby GT500 for $500. By the way I see your member map is Baltimore but your profile is Parkersburg WV. What gives?
  2. I edited your post to notify you via email when you get a response. If you click on edit post you will see a section towards the bottom for Thread Subscription choices.
  3. Great find, thanks for posting.
  4. Welcome from Virginia! Great looking 73. I have the 73 Mustang, but Hawaii is on our bucket list. Started to take a cruise ship there a couple of years ago, but had to cancel. Maybe in the near future we will make to Hawaii. Maybe you can give private tours in your Mach 1! :D


    Welcome to the forum.
  6. IMHO the pictures are too dark for trying to sell a car at that price. Looks like it needs a new instrument panel lens, that one is very fogged up.
  7. Welcome from Virginia, sounds like a good plan.
  8. Nice looking truck and great memories.
  9. Great start and looks good. A four post lift is a great motivator. Before reading the whole post I thought the Miller truck was Chuck's nice enclosed car trailer!
  10. Cool pictures, looks more like early 70's to me. Anyone see any late 70's or early 80's cars in the pictures? Thanks for posting.
  11. Looks like the blue convertible has the silver pivot arm on the mirror too!
  12. Welcome from Virginia. Post up some detailed pics of your Grande and you will get a lot of advice and recommendations on where to start your project.
  13. On my 73 convertible with the windshield mount inside rear view mirror the pivot arm and ball is silver in color. The Scot Drake reproduction mirror that I bought from CJ Pony parts many years ago and never installed is all black. That's why I never installed it as I'm trying to stay all original as possible. So what color is your arm and pivot. Excuse the reflection in the attached pictures.
  14. Interesting! Would definitly need a close inspection for rust. It has the Decor group option.
  15. Very interesting. What are the "Left-shift headlights" in the Marti Report?
  16. Also welcome from Virginia. Congrats on the purchase.
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