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  1. The silhouette of a sportsroof on a trailer under a blue cover caught my attention and then I could see the dog dish style hubcaps. I was waiting at a light and could not catch up with it. It was being towed by a white Ford. Just curious if the owner is a member here.
  2. Up for sale is the compete Intermittent Wiper Assembly to replace or convert your wiper switch to intermittent wipers. Includes the switch, governor, wiring harness from governor to switch, bezel, and knob. All you need to do is disconnect your wiring harness from your existing wiper switch and plug into the harness provided. Mount the governor under the dash, and replace the switch. Just tested today and works fine. I pulled my dash apart to plug-in and test. The video below shows the test and you also get to hear how loud my ignition key warning buzzer is! :D Price is $135 plus Priority Mail Postage. First private message gets it! Let me know if you have any questions!
  3. I pulled the plug off the back of my installed wiper switch but the harness did not have enough slack for me to use both hands to plug in the intermittent switch, so I pulled the instrument cluster apart to so I could plug in the intermittent switch to test. Works great. I found it interesting the switch turns to the right for low and high speed but you turn to the left for the different intermittent speeds. I will post this up for sale on another thread. Below is a short video showing the test, you can also hear how loud my ignition warning buzzer sounds!
  4. Sounds like Christmas in July!
  5. As Judge said they do look narrow. I used some contact paper on mine. Close in color, but not perfect. Here are some pictures and there is a 12 inch ruler in one picture, but I don't have the measurements.
  6. Good story! The old times include no A/C! I was just telling my daughter last week when her A/C quit working in her car that I was in my mid-30's before I owned a car with A/C.
  7. Looks nice! I' sure it turns a lot of heads while out cruising around!
  8. Happy 6th Anniversary to our forum. I'm proud to say I was fortunate to be among the first members of the site and great to see it is still going strong! Thanks to Barry (RocketFoot) for getting the site going back in July of 2010! ::congrats::
  9. Those types of ceremonies are emotional! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Happy 4th to all. Looks like its going to rain all day here in Northern Virginia! Not a good convertible day!
  11. Welcome from Virginia! Post up some pictures!
  12. Looks like you are making great progress. Keep the updates coming.
  13. Welcome to the site from Virginia. Post up some pics.
  14. Check out this thread: http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-fix-for-dim-71-to-73-mustang-dash-instrument-panel-lights?pid=270167#pid270167
  15. Welcome from Virginia. Photobucket works great here too.
  16. This is the Decor Group on my 73 Convertible. Grande should be the same if it has Decor Group. Check out the link below for the sales brochure. http://paintref.com/cgi-bin/brochuredisplay.cgi?year=1973&manuf=Ford&model=Mustang&smod=&page=1&scan=1
  17. The president of our local Mustang Club is a LEO. When we do Blue Ridge parkway cruises we enter the park in groups of 5 to 10 cars at a time out of about 40 Mustangs and have not had a problem. Then meet up at the first overlook. Even the Park Ranger at the entrance gate was complimenting the Mustangs. But you may always find the Barney Fife type who may try to enforce it.
  18. Welcome to the site from Virginia. Hopefully someone may be able to help you out.
  19. Great introduction! Welcome from Virginia!
  20. Interesting and graphic. I believe it was 1969 when I got my Learners Permit. I don't remember seeing this type of graphic film, but some still pictures were shown in Driver's education class. I remember some towns at the time would display a badly wrecked car in median strips with safe driving signs in front of them.
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