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  1. Welcome back! My ex didn't do the hammer, she backed her Corolla into the drivers door of my 73 convert! Second wife has been much better!
  2. Welcome to the site from Virginia! Post up some pictures when you get a chance!
  3. Welcome from Virginia! Post up some pictures.
  4. Wow, looks great! I'm sure that will be a big surprise! Our four kids first cars were a little bit older, roughly 4 or 5 year old models. Oldest daughter got a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero, Oldest son got an 2001 Mustang Bullitt, youngest son got a blue 2004 Mustang Mach 1, and youngest daughter has her eye on my white 2004 Mach 1, but is driving an Acura CL now.
  5. Welcome to the site! I'm sure you will find a lot of inspiration here. Post up some pictures.
  6. Welcome to the site from Virginia!
  7. Looks great, keep the pics and updates coming.
  8. I had an almost identical dent in size and locations in my 73 Convertible which I was the cause of. Seems like back in the 70's I dropped a spare wheel and tire there that caused the bend. When I took my gas tank out to replace I popped the dent back out. Here is a pic after popping the dent out. I couldn't find a "before" picture.
  9. I like the style bar on the later Mustangs, but agree, just doesn't look right on a 71/73.
  10. I took mine off back in the 70's. Still have it in a drawer.
  11. Welcome from Virginia! Looks like you are putting a lot of work into it. I bet your wallet is tired too.
  12. Welcome to the site from Virginia! Great story and keep the pictures and updates coming.
  13. Welcome back. Post up some pics!
  14. Not sure this will help you since you think it is around the tail light, but I had a 1998 Mustang GT Convertible and found the water was coming in under the flap where the top window zippered into the top. It was kind of hidden but if you put the top about 1/3 of the way down and look under the flap you could see where the water was getting in. Not the zipper, but a slit just outside of the zipper area.
  15. Not sure what the cost would be. I'll try to come up with weight and approximate packaging size in the next couple of days.
  16. Welcome from Virginia! Great color combination.
  17. Last call! If no one is interested I'll be taking them to the metal recycle bin at the local landfill!
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