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  1. It's great to see that the Convertibles are surviving! I wond how many are left!
  2. Your right, they are unique to the 73-model year. I think the Magnum 500s were available from 69 to 72. It is hard to find the 73 Aluminum Wheels, especially in good shape in a set of four!
  3. The car was bought from Dick Herriman Ford in Vienna, Virginia (now called Kip Killmons Tysons Ford). Actually my girlfriend at the time bought the car new and I was with her to help make the decision! I bought it from her about 8 months later in 1974. I think she had written those phone numbers down to get comparison prices on some accessories! That's where mine was bought new too! I peeled the sticker off many years ago and saved it, but now I can't find it! Maybe some will show up on eBay! I think there worth an extra point under Mustang Club of America judging rules!
  4. Thanks for all the votes and comments; looks like the Forged Aluminum Wheels are winning the vote count so far! That sums it up just right. The sport covers do give it a classy look!
  5. It looks kind of sad with it's wheels sticking out; kind of like a sad car from the movie "Cars" :D Good luck with the alignment; you can't say you didn't try!
  6. As many of you know I have owned my 73 Mustang Convertible since 1974. It came with the Trim Rings and Hub Caps. In the late 70's I traded for the Sports Wheel Covers (see first pic of the 73 Mustang Brochure to compare options). A few weeks ago I installed a great set of original 1973 factory Forged Aluminum Wheels and raised letter tires. I really like the wheels, but I can't get use to the way the car looks now. I guess after looking at the Sports Wheel Covers for over 30 years I'm stuck on them. Anyway please take a look and vote for the "LOOK" you like the best! Thanks!
  7. Welcome from Virginia! Great story and post up some pics!
  8. I'll chime in with some similar advice as some of the other posters. The spray cans of brake cleaner works pretty well cleaning up the oily/greasy parts. I did buy a decent air compressor at Lowes and a media blasting box to use with the compressor. Well worth the investment for me for cleaning up parts for the restoration. There always small parts to media blast, I even did my ash trays to brighten them up. Of course I used the drill with a wire brush too. Good luck.
  9. Looking good! The hub caps and trim rings are what came on my 73 originally; there really not bad looking.
  10. Another thought is that fixing up a 71-73 is not an investment, but the car will not depreciate (if you take care of it) any further. More than likely the value will keep rising. So putting $5K into your car is better than say putting $5k into a Fox body or newer Mustang. As the value of these are still going down! Plus you get the enjoyment of owning and driving a true classic!
  11. Roger that, I enjoy driving my straight 6 and it looks great to me!
  12. The 73's came with three radio options to the best of my knowledge. You could get an AM, AM-8 Track, or an AM-FM Stereo. On the 73 Convertible the stereo speakers are in each door under the window handles and NO speaker in the center of the top of the dash (there are small pin holes in the dash were a speaker would go underneath, but not installed in the Stereo cars). The AM would only have the one speaker in the top center of the dash. I think the AM-8 Track only had the one speaker, but not 100% sure. I'm not sure about the number of speakers in Fastback. Here is a picture of the factory AM-FM Stereo in my 73 Convert (I'll look and see if I can find a better close-up picture). Of course these radios show up on eBay. Here is another picture, You can see the hole in the left door for the speaker. This was just after the repaint before I reinstalled the speaker and door panel.
  13. Try the "64 1/2 to 73 Mustang Restoration Guide". There a lot of preview pages of the guide at the link below and it might cover something you are looking for. I have a hardcopy of the guide and use it frequently along with my factory shop manuals. Here is the link at Amazon.com: http://books.google.com/books?id=I8XgURy-2MYC&pg=PA416&lpg=PA416&dq=379429-s&source=bl&ots=ST1YC9a-cu&sig=CmN7vLHvRrNUTtmlH3HVV-TikB4&hl=en&ei=b2U2TOzYN4X7lwf8la3TBw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CBIQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=379429-s&f=false
  14. Welcome from Virginia! Post up those pics!
  15. Glad to see all the 73 Convertible owners coming out of the closet!
  16. The trunk lids came from the factory missaligned! Actually, it is the quarter panels that are not even. The body shop was able to improve upon the alignment on my 73 Convert, but it is still off some. I've seen some pics of export 71 to 73 stangs with the antenna on the rear fender, but the US versions should be the right front fender. Before: After: The missalignment was most noticable in the body where the seam is between the quarter panel and body: There is some adjustment if you lossen the two bolts on the hinge arms:
  17. I bet your glad you hung onto it all these years. Is it all original or has it been repainted?
  18. I just did my front brakes on my 73 Convertible and took some pictures in case anyone needs them for reference. I believe they are the same for 71 to 73, but not 100% sure.
  19. Great idea for a website. The 71-73's are becoming more popular. I've noticed more restoration parts becoming available too. Not sure I would want to try and restore a Mustang II though, they are the real "Black Sheep" of Mustangs! We have four Mustangs here at home. A Wimbleton White 73 Mustang Convertible, a Dark Highland Green 2001 Mustang Bullitt and two 2004 Mach 1's; one Azure Blue and one Oxford White. I've owned my 73 Convert since 1974, but was actually there the day my girlfriend (at the time) bought it new at the dealship! In fact I convinced here to get the convertible instead of the Grande she liked. Anyway I may be able to answer a lot of questions about the originality of 1973 items as mine is entirely stock. Just had it's first repaint in March since the car was new. I got plenty of before, during and after pictures I took during the preparation and repaint. I will try to post some more pictures soon. I am a moderator on the mach1club.com website as RARE PONY if you want to check it out too. It's a small but growing website that started up last fall and has several 71 to 73 Mach 1 owners as members. Looking forward to seeing more members here!
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