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  1. This lug nut is supposed to be an original one (that's what I was told anyway). It is a tall nut, the short nuts will not look right with the aluminum slots. I did find an aftermarket lug nut that was close in dimensions. I'll look to see if I can find the brand and part number. The pictures of the wheel show the aftermarket lug nut. cdn images
  2. My 73 converts 45th birthday is coming up. The build sheets indicate 05 April (73) (in blocks 39, 40, & 41) which corresponds to the "Scheduled for Build Date" on my Marti Report. The "Bucked" date on the Marti is 4/06/73. The "Actually Built" date is 4/09/73. So the build was delayed by 4 days from the scheduled date. So I guess my cars birthday is April 9th. That was a Monday in 1973. Post up you stats so we can see who has the longest delay on their build. Marti Report 73 Mustang.pdf
  3. Hi Max, looks like your first post so welcome to the forum. Please post an introduction thread! I have not fixed the squeak yet. I've been doing trans seal, u-joints, etc. Hopefully I'll get to the squeak soon.
  4. From 1973 Sales Brochure
  5. My 73 originally came with the narrow white sidewall tires with the trim rings and hubcaps. I eventually went with the Sport Wheel Covers then finally have the aluminum wheels with RWL's. It took me a while to get use to the different look of the RWL's but I really like them now. I've stayed with the original 70 series width tires.
  6. Jealous! I'll need a bigger garage before getting a lift. I've been laying underneath my 73 this week changing trans fluid, new u-joints, tail shaft seal, and trying to find a phantom rattle.
  7. Welcome to the site. I've owned my 73 convertible for 44 years also! Is black the original color?
  8. I can visualize you sitting in the drivers seat with the loose steering wheel in you hands going zoom, zoom, zoom! Now fess-up. :D
  9. Great info and pictures in this article so I thought I would bump it so it would show up as a recent thread!
  10. Did your Mustang come from Beshore and Koller Ford in Manchester, PA. I have a vintage beer/bottle opener in excellent condition for sale you may want to add to your memorabilia. Great for car show displays. $8 plus $3 shipping within Continental US.
  11. Maybe you will get visitation rights. lollerz
  12. My wife's GMC Acadia Denali has the heads up. I think its great. Never thought about an aftermarket one.
  13. Welcome to the site from Virginia! Father/son project's are great. Keep the updates coming.
  14. I would prefer having the sweep Seconds hand. Is this to hard to incorporate?
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