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  1. Many years ago when I changed my trans fluid and filter I found a strange looking plastic plunger looking think with a rubber o-ring and a long stem in the trans oil pan. About 5 3/4 inches long. Back in the 70's I could not figure out where it went and just threw it back in the trans oil pan and left it there. So every time I've change the transmission fluid since I've just thrown it back in the pan. This time I took the time to do some research and was reading through the factory repair manuals and found an entry under the control valve body section and found the following. "Remove and discard the nylon shipping plug from the oil pan filler tube hole. This plug is used to retain transmission fluid within the transmission during shipment and should be discarded when the oil pan is removed. " Mystery solved after all these years! Should I through it back in the pan this time for Old Times Sake? ?
  2. Great timing on the Playboy ad. I've been listing some of my old Playboys on eBay and had the 1972's laid out on the pool table. Found the ad on page 104! Can't believe the banner is up for sale at $1,500.
  3. I can't remember the last time I saw an old Firebird Formula; just saw an old TransAm today.
  4. Here is a link to the 73 Mustang brochure. I have the 73 convert which has different seats but I'm sure you will get feedback on the Mach 1. http://paintref.com/cgi-bin/brochuredisplay.cgi?year=1973&manuf=Ford&model=Mustang&smod=&page=5&scan=5
  5. I went back to the plain bumper during my restoration: Old Deluxe Bumper and Guards:
  6. The guards and rubber strip were an option. The plain chrome bumper was standard. My 73 convertible had the Decor Group appearance package, but did not come with the guards and rubber strip when new. In the early 80's I bought the Deluxe Bumper and Guards. The last I heard the Deluxe bumper is not reproduced but you can buy the rubber strips for them.
  7. ::thumb:: We had the Avocado Green Kitchen appliances back in the late 60's. The stove, wall oven, and refrigerator. Two rooms over we had the Avocado Green wall to wall carpet. Looked good at the time!
  8. Congrats! It's not real till we see the pics!!! :worthlesswithoutpics:
  9. Selling my Deluxe Bumper with Rubber Inserts and 2 rear Bumper Guards. $80 plus shipping takes all. The last I heard the Deluxe Bumper is not being reproduced. It has the elongated mounting holes for the horizontal rubber strip. Rubber strips are included but are showing signs of age. Bumper does have some rust pits but has not been bent and looks straight. Should be a good bumper to have re-chromed. It does have two mounting holes in the face of the bumper where a trailer hitch was installed. These could be filled with two Chrome bumper bolts. Original part number is D3ZZ-170906-A The Bumper Guards are in better condition with no pits. Chrome is discolored in places and one of them feels rough on top. Rubber inserts actually look good. One bolt is still in bracket and the nut was cut off. Should come out without much trouble. Pictures of the bumper guards were taken with a flash and then without a flash so different details would be apparent. The rubber strips for this bumper are being reproduced. Just for kicks, the last picture is the invoice where I bought these parts in 1982 to upgrade my car from a regular bumper.
  10. Welcome from Virginia. Looks like a great father/son project.
  11. Welcome to the site and congrats on your purchase. Nice looking convertible.
  12. One free VIP ticket to the Los Angles Classic Show is being given away in our VIP Lounge forum. Here is the link to join the 7173mustangs.com VIP forum: https://7173mustangs.com/janotas_subscription_page.php The show is this coming weekend March 2nd through 4th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. For more details a 7173Mustangs.com VIP: VIP Membership Page The VIP show ticket includes the following: 3-Day VIP Package Admission Ticket: $200 The NEW! VIP Package includes: (1) 3 Day Adult Admission Ticket, Preferred Front Row Seating at the Celebrity Stage, Cocktail Reception (Sat eve) with available celebrities, Mini-Tour with a Celebrity (Sat am), Fast Pass for Celebrity Photo/Autograph Signings (during show hours), Official Goody Bag, Official CAS Merchandise (Tee, Hat, Poster), Early Admission 30 minutes prior to opening each day, and more will be added as special features become available. Note: VIPs purchased by February 1 will receive badges in the mail. After February 1, VIPs pick up badge at the VIP counter. If you are bringing a spouse or child to any of the VIP events, you must buy tickets for each adult/child. The Classic Auto Show, March 2-4, 2018 is the largest 3-day indoor classic car show in the U.S. It’s where the entire classic car community comes together for a celebration of all things on wheels. Whether you are a collector, or, working on your project car, or, simply share a passion for the classics – this event is for you. You’ll see the cars you love, rub shoulders with your favorite auto celebrities, view LIVE restoration and auto detailing demos, and shop a vendor marketplace showcasing memorabilia, and the parts, products, and services you need to restore and care for your cars. The show will exhibit over 1,000 classics on TWO floors of the LA Convention Center including the rarely seen, museum quality classics displayed on the prominent Grand Boulevard, celebrity builds, and hundreds of classics from local car clubs representing all the Domestic and Foreign marques you love. NEW! exhibit areas for 2018 will include: Hot Rods, Lowriders, Japanese Classics, Vintage Off Roaders, Porsche, Women Builds, and Motorcycles. https://www.theclassicautoshow.com/
  13. Welcome to the site from Virginia. Nice looking H code!
  14. Welcome to the site from Virginia. Tell us more about the chase; was it owned by an old neighbor?
  15. I hope you polished up on your wit before Wolverine arrived! He will be hard to keep up with! When will we see the pics!
  16. Welcome from Virginia! Lots of great info here.
  17. You would think the Lister would clean the car up before posting the pictures, especially at that price.
  18. OLE PONY


    Welcome the site from Virginia! We have several members from Australia!
  19. Your welcome. I removed how frustrated I was looking for something that was reasonably close to the original one. I looked in many hardware stores and department stores and couldn't find anything.
  20. Amazon has it. DC FIX is the item for Golden Walnut https://www.amazon.com/d-c-fix%C2%AE-Like-Contact-adhesive-Woodgrain-346-0029/dp/B00AFAWTWC/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1518830352&sr=8-5&keywords=dc+fix+golden
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