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  1. Not sure if I'm searching wrong. But before if I typed in 4r70w or 4r70w swap I'd get a bunch of posts but now 0 results. Could this be from the switch and just a bug for now?
  2. Hi everyone, I am currently in the process of building a 347 stroker and complete c4 internal upgrade. Once that is done im going to start with front seat swap from a 03 mach 1, i have a good idea of how im going to do that. My question is has anyone swapped the stock rear seat of a 72 mach 1 with a rear seat from a 2003 mach 1. I already have the complete seat set form a 03 that was getting parted out. 400 for both front seats and the rear. I have everything except the bottom latch for the rear bottom seat. But that is something i can easily get latter on if i need them. My car is currently out of state so i dont have access to it for fitment. I know i can get new foam and covers for the rear through tmi. But since i already have i would like to try to use them. If any has or if there is a link to another post of this precess you could steer me to id greatly appreciate your help. And if i can not use them im planning on making a garage couch out of them.
  3. Im going to be doing the same thing you are once my motor swap and trans rebuild gets done. I was struggling to find info on this but came across this. The guy did it in a 65 but may shed some light. I also have the rear seat from the 03 mach i got the fronts from, i may try to figure something out for the back but if i can great if not i will make a garage seat out of them. http://forums.vintage-mustang.com/mod-custom-forum/626476-how-install-late-model-mustang-seats-into-1965-66-mustang.html#/topics/626476?page=2 Here is another from a 67. Granted i know its not our 71-73 but its a start. http://www.dabbles-n-doodads.com/Mustang/Front_seats.html
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