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  1. That's great advice and I will do so. I also plan on crawling around underneath and using a magnet to make sure there is no bondo anywhere on the unibody or on the sheetmetal. I do have one more question for everyone. I have attached a close up picture of the engine bay. As you can see, the air cleaner, snorkel and export braces are chromed. The owner said the Mustang has always been like this but I'm not sure if this is original. Does anyone know if these are aftermarket parts, a factory option or a dealer added option? Thanks.
  2. Sorry guys, I have been offline for a few days. The seller does claim the mileage is low and I have asked him for documentation. He told me the original owner of the Mustang bought this for his son but after getting in trouble a few times, the dad no longer allowed his son to drive it. It sat in the garage for many years until the sellers uncle bought the house and the Mustang was thrown into the deal. The Mustang was again driven very few miles and then was sold to the sellers dad. The dad didn't drive the Mustang much either and now the son is looking to sell it. Good story but as Topless said, the story is only as good as the documentation. I have attached a few pics of the car below. According to the seller, it has original paint and interior. Let me know what you guys think now.
  3. I am planning on taking a look at it this weekend. I will check to see if any of those items are original. Thanks for your help. Thanks for the reply. I would appreciate it if you could post the pictures of that car. Per your request, here are pictures of the car I was talking about. After looking at the pics, probably not the same car as the one you are looking at as this one is a 351, 2V and the last owner told me it had about 74,000 original miles: These pictures below were taken at a car show I think in about 2006. The second set of pictures show the same car in June 2008, but the NASA Hood, the Magnum 500 wheels, and the front spoiler have been added. After checking the details, he was trying to sell for $18K in June 2008, but told me in an email he would take $15K. Good luck with your purchase! Same car with mods in June 2008: The pictures you posted are very similar to the Mustang I'm looking at, but it's not an automatic and not a 4V like you said. Thanks.
  4. NADA = excellent for insurance values, useless for anything real world. Just a WAG, you'd be looking at around $15K ~ $20K. The market is seriously soft right now and IF you have the cash, you can get some good deals. Thanks for your post. I looked at NADA previously as well as Collecter Car and Truck Market and their values seened a little high to me when I compared it to what was for sale out there. I wish I could see what these Mustangs have actually sold for as opposed to what people are asking for them.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I would appreciate it if you could post the pictures of that car.
  6. Just found your site and glad I did. I have found a 1972 Mustang convertible Q code for sale and need everyone's opinion on what they think it's worth. I have looked up values online but also wanted to get your opions as well. Here is what the Mustang has: - Original Q code engine - Original C6 automatic - Original 3.25 Locking rear - Nasa hood with ram air - Ivy Gold exterior - Medium Green Knitted Vinyl interior - A/C, P/S, disc brakes - 3 Spoke rim blow steering wheel - Full console - AM/FM - Instrumentation Group - Magnum 500's Also, the Mustang is in excellent original condition. No rust, original paint, original top and original interior. The interior looks brand new execpt for one small crack on the drivers side door panel. The car has never been restored and has only 36,000 miles on it. I still need to check with the seller to see if they have some paperwork verifying the mileage. So, Can everyone give me their best guesstimate on what this would be worth? Thanks for your help.
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