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  1. Welcome from Iowa!!! Post up some more pics of the car. Gold Glow is one of my favorite colors on these cars.


    Added some in the thread. Thanks, love the color and the car.



  2. Congrats on your birthday and joining the club!  I know its been said but we like pics. :>P




    Added some in the thread... Thanks! and yes, Best birthday present ever!



  3. Hello all,


    Since I have just joined, I would like to say Thank you to everyone for the information that I have already been able to read already. I was lucky enough to grow up around a Ford Dealer in North Central PA. As soon as I was able to touch the peddles and shift gears I was hooked. Until recently, with military service, family, and financial obligations being a priority, I wasn't able to enjoy many of the things I enjoyed as a teenager...until last week when an early birthday present arrived in the form of a 1973 Gold Glow Convertible. Now I'm hooked again, and loving it.


    I appreciate any information anyone has or suggestions when it comes to turning back the clock to 1973.


    One happy Mustang owner!!



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