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  1. the springs are broken and do not find anywhere replacement- would not like to raplace whole latch assembly (see picture ACP) do I have to bend myself or does anybody know where available ? for other vehicles like camaro theses parts seem to be available
  2. not easy for me as my 71 vert was purchased totally dismounted in parts like a puzzle... not sure if front or quarter? 80590150.pdf
  3. Hi David, the tack strips on the back side for my 71 vert I have already and that are 3 pieces. I guess the 5 black pieces have other purpose. the listing "flopper stoppers" are mounted in bow 2 and 3 from the 71 vert and therefore you might be right these 3 pieces are headliner of the 65 fastback btw see attached 2 more unknown parts... thank you Wolfgang
  4. I have some more parts that may be mixed up with parts from a 65 fastback. who knows if these parts have to be used for my 71 vert thanks a lot Wolfgang
  5. Hi Don, thank you! do you know if the metal knobs are available- they seem to be corroded Wolfgang
  6. who kows if the front cylindical shaped sealing is available. the metal knobs on the top also would be nice to changed. I have found available only the upper ones in some windowfelt kit from PUI. 31012 is the numer in the illustrations D1ZB-7631136-AWF D1ZB-7631137-AWF these are the numbers stamped on the backside thank you Wolfgang woiuld be happy in black as panel will be painted black
  7. thank you all for your appreciated expert comments ! now it is clear for me to change to a 600cfm 4bbl what do you think about Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifold and Carburetor Kits 2031 does the stock air cleaner 2V fit to this carb (diameter) (it should not be visible as homologation will not be easy without stock system here in EU, Austria)
  8. thank you want to use Hedman Elite Heavy-Duty Headers is there any possibility to keep the 2bbl intake?
  9. Hi this is the advertisement- hope to believe it... The latest and advanced camshaft technology gives you the sound and excitement of the muscle car era, with additional power you can feel. Ford 289-302 C.I. 8 cyl. 1963-1995 Solid-Outstanding power & modern tight lash with Ford 271 HP 289 cam character. NOSTALGIA PLUS Mechanical Flat Tappet Camshaft as I am rebuilding stock engine and head the idea was to change cam and timing and Rockers, pushrods, dual exhaust 2 1/2" in case 2V manifold and 2100 carb are to be used: actual carb is D1AF-9510-DA Bore 1.56 Ventu
  10. Hi, want to change stock cam to Compcam Nostalgia Plus Mechanical Flat Tappet Camshaft, N+271S: Cam & Kit K 31-671-4, Solid-Outstanding power & modern tight lash with Ford 271 HP 289 cam character... which additional changes are to be done. does my stock carb fit or do I have to change mainjet or other settings on Autolite 2100 Carb? is a change to 4V carb and manifold necessary? 71 Ford Mustang 302 cui Windsor V8, 2-barrel, carb. Autolite 2100, F-code 210 bhp @ 4,600rpm Converter 2500 stall, C4, 3,0 axle thank you Wolfgang
  11. yes, many people like this blue will take some time as actually I am in phase of restaurating and checking/buying all parts
  12. do you like the sound of x pipe? I would prefer dual system without any connection between 2x4 cylinder as typical V8 sound will be smoothing
  13. thank you for the Information. do you think the 2 1/4 kit from MU does fit above the reinforcement plate ?
  14. Hi all exhaust experts what I know NO dual exhaust kits are available for convertibles (maybe the reason that not enough numbers of vert cars existing?) as the clearance above the reinforcement plate is reduced. I would like to install (without lowering or modifying the torque plate) 2 1/2 system, if possible in stainless (except header), no X or H, tailpipes below valance longtube Hedman Elite Heavy-Duty Headers 83308 or Flowtech Headers 32100FLT Flowmaster Stainless Steel Super 44 Series Mufflers 842546 Flowmaster U-Fit Dual Pipe Kits 815936 some Flowmaster 45degre
  15. what is the disadvantage of these washers on the 9" axle. I hava a 8" type on my 71 vert? they are included in my AMK Screw kit
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