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  1. Here's a post with the answers:
  2. Interesting @69 Rustang...I was thinking the same thing. Mine sticks out by 1/2" on one side and I thought moving the center forward may pull the sides in. I have two issues: Mine definitely has a bit of a bend (flare) on the end of one side. I still don't get out of dealing with that :( My bolts are pretty frozen. I've tried penetrating oil, but haven't had much luck Any thoughts on breaking the bolts loose? Also, would love to know how your adjustments turned out. Thanks, Nick
  3. I have a couple of the corrugated rubber tubing that carries the door wiring (between the door and the A pillar). My 71 Mach 1 didn't originally come with them, but I'd like to run speaker wiring through them. Two questions: Does anyone have any pictures they can post? I'm trying to figure out exactly where to drill the holes Does anyone know the right size holes for the ends? Thanks a ton, Nick
  4. 69 Rustang, were you ever able to figure out how to reshape the urethane bumper? The ends of mine are also bent out a little. I would love to learn from your experience. Thanks, Nick
  5. Hey there fellow Stangers, I bought a set of these trim pieces off of eBay before seeing this thread (it's gonna cost me). One of my side trim pieces had the ears (the little triangular tab that sticks up in the pictures above) and one didn't. I thought the asymmetry was a little odd for Ford, but assumed there was a reason for it (remember what happens when you assume). After seeing the pics above, and the way that the driver side bracket doesn't align up with the screw holes, it's clear I have the wrong piece for my car. Anyone know what car this style bracket goes with? https://www.ebay.com/itm/1971-1972-1973-Mustang-Mach-1-Fastback-Standard-Rear-Back-Seat-Brackets-Non-Fold/233415758664?hash=item3658a9d348:g:67YAAOSwljFd3bEb I would like to be able to accurately describe it on eBay when I sell the one that doesn't fit. Oh, and does anyone have an extra one of the correct style they're willing to part with. If so, please let me know what you want for it. Thanks, Nick
  6. I may have to head down that path. Here's what I found in another forum: Agree with that post and the thread they posted is simply 3/8-24. The crush fittings are available as part of the reproduction vacuum advance tube that's available, but they aren't made for a 351C. Yep. We've heard so many war stories about trying to get 4300 and 4300-D tuned right that we decided to go 4100. It's not stock, but hopefully, it will work for us. I think the older carbs had a better solution (3/16 tube x 1/8 NPT adapter), but I suspect Ford may have changed that to reduce costs and number of parts. If you have a new carb as I do, I think the best solution is a buy the distributor hard line for an older Mustang and just cut the end off. These are readily available, here's the CJ link, https://www.cjponyparts.com/classic-tube-distributor-vacuum-line-original-steel-289-1965-1966/p/MUA1003O/ Thanks all, Nick
  7. Hey Jason, Just checking back to see if you had a chance to check if you had the pedestal bracket. If so, let me know how much you want for it. If not, that's ok too, it looks like they're not too hard to find (when you know what you're looking for :huh: ). Nick
  8. Do you think it could be any other size? I bought a 1/8" NPT male to 1/8" tube and it won't screw in. Both sets of threads look fine, but the 1/8" NPT seems too big and a slightly different thread. Thanks, Nick At this point, I'd just get an 1/8"-27 NPT tap and make it work. The closest straight thread to it is 3/8"-24, you could try threading a bolt in and see if it threads better. I may have to head down that path. Here's what I found in another forum:
  9. Do you think it could be any other size? I bought a 1/8" NPT male to 1/8" tube and it won't screw in. Both sets of threads look fine, but the 1/8" NPT seems too big and a slightly different thread. Thanks, Nick
  10. Are you looking for a threaded male end into the carb with a slip on hose on the other side, or male threaded (different sizes) on both ends? Chuck So sorry, I never saw this response and have been away from the forum. I still haven't solved the problem. I'm looking for a barb fitting that screws into the distributor vacuum port (so I can use a rubber hose) or the correct brass fitting so I can plumb in a hardline to the distributor. My car is a 71 Mach 1 w/ 351c. I know the Motorcraft 4100 was never original on that car, but I'm hoping one of you guys with a 60s Mustang would know what I'm looking for. Thanks so much, Nick
  11. That would be fantastic! Nick I'm trying to make headway while the whole world seems to have stopped.
  12. Steve, The thoroughness (and the kindness) of the help you provide is just amazing. Thanks so much, Nick
  13. Seriously, does anyone out there have a DOZA-2882-C they can part with? Thanks, Nick
  14. Hi Don, Thanks for the response. The interesting part is my son and I both remember seeing the dry intake. So we were pretty sure it was a Cleveland, not a Windsor. But, then again, who knows what you're looking at, at the salvage yard. Nick

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