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  1. Thanks @Don C! I definitely don't like buying parts I don't need (it takes away from the budget for parts I do need) The sector shaft isn't moving. The movement is definitely between the Pitman arm and the drag link. I'll take another look, but it sure sounds like Pitman arm needs replacing. Thanks again, Nick
  2. With the engine off, one wheel on the ground, I get about 1 inch of jiggle with my hands at 9 and 3 on the off-the-ground wheel. I'm sure that's contributing to my car's waywardness. When I get under the car, I can see that the slop is coming from where the drag link connects to the Pitman arm. The castle nut is totally tight (with a cotter pin). Any ideas on which one needs replacing? Thanks, Nick
  3. @Bentworker you are my hero! This was perfect. Thanks so much, Nick
  4. Thanks a ton @Bentworker! The PO ran it up the tunnel and tied it off to the lockout arm on the steering column. It touched the exhaust in two places. Nick
  5. I noticed that the PO ran the speedo cable so that it would touch the exhaust in two places. I have a replacement cable, but don't see an obvious way of routing the cable away from the exhaust. Does anyone have any pictures on speedo cable routing they can share? Thanks, Nick
  6. Ah, got it @3514boltstang. I'm looking for deluxe door panels. Thanks
  7. Are the speaker holes in the factory locations (i.e. can put a grill in the hole)? I know you're running around, but pics would be great.
  8. Thanks Mike. I'm definitely going to keep my eyes open for the next the pops up for sale.
  9. You have an under hood light? Nice! Would you mind posting some pics. I have never seen a Mustang under hood light (ok, the one on my '92 doesn't count). I would love to see it as I'm sure others would too.
  10. Thanks @Bentworker. I finally figured out where I saw the info before, http://429mustangcougarinfo.50megs.com/mustang_exterior.htm
  11. It's not the splash shield, it goes up by the cowl. So I'm assuming they're called "71 only unicorn" parts :) Do you know what they're really called? $250/pair is crazy.
  12. Sorry for the weak description, but I don't know how else to describe them. I've seen them other people's cars, but my car doesn't have them. Anyone have any pictures and/or know where to get them (one for each side). Thanks, Nick
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