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  1. Thanks Mike. I'm definitely going to keep my eyes open for the next the pops up for sale.
  2. You have an under hood light? Nice! Would you mind posting some pics. I have never seen a Mustang under hood light (ok, the one on my '92 doesn't count). I would love to see it as I'm sure others would too.
  3. Thanks @Bentworker. I finally figured out where I saw the info before, http://429mustangcougarinfo.50megs.com/mustang_exterior.htm
  4. It's not the splash shield, it goes up by the cowl. So I'm assuming they're called "71 only unicorn" parts :) Do you know what they're really called? $250/pair is crazy.
  5. Sorry for the weak description, but I don't know how else to describe them. I've seen them other people's cars, but my car doesn't have them. Anyone have any pictures and/or know where to get them (one for each side). Thanks, Nick
  6. Pulled from my 1971 Mach 1 w/full console. The two slides need restoration (or some JB Weld), but can be installed as is and the ash tray lid will slide smoothly. Price is $45 + shipping from 94506. Thanks for looking, Nick
  7. This center gauge cluster was working when we pulled it from our 1971 Mach 1 about a year ago. I have no reason to believe that it's not still working (stored in cabinet in a dry garage). Includes the harness and bulbs. The price is $150 + shipping from 94506. Thanks for looking, Nick
  8. Want to find this little guy a good home before it gets any garage-rash. It has been epoxy primer and painted satin black. Price is $35 + shipping from 94506. Thanks for looking, Nick
  9. Returning car to stock. Looking to find this intake a good home. Shipping calculated from 94506.
  10. Hey @Bru is any of this left?
  11. This was never installed, but has a little garage-rash (you can see it in the pictures). Hoping to find it a good home. Price: $20 + shipping from 94506.
  12. I would think, no difference when the engine is running. When the engine is off, you're venting straight to atmosphere. In the original PCV system, vapors coming up the passenger-side valve cover go through a somewhat small breather tube into the air cleaner housing. The breather tube's size limits flow (that's the plan at least), but there's also a breather filter that helps collect some of the vapor (that breather filter gets oily, right?). Those vapors collect as liquid and are discarded when you change the filter, or they get sucked back through PCV or drawn into the top of the c
  13. Are you thinking of getting rid of the hoses altogether and just using breather filters? If so, everyone did that back when I was young. Since the PCV system is part of the "smog controls", we just got rid of it. HOWEVER, I hope with age comes wisdom. The PCV system is designed to catch blow-by gasses, oil vapor, etc. from the crankcase and gives them a path to get burnt off. The PCV carb spacer or carb port (depending on your configuration) provides vacuum that draws fresh air from the breather filter (passenger-side air cleaner housing), through the breather tube into the passenge
  14. Glad your wife is ok! What the hell is wrong with people these days? I've been rear ended twice in two months. I hadn't even gotten the first car back from being fixed when I got hit in our second car (luckily neither car was our 71 Mach 1). Both cases, they were using their phones while driving.
  15. Thanks @Hemikiller, much appreciated!
  16. @Hemikiller the build data is 2/71, so it's possible there was an update. These are Daniel Carpenter and are definitely not as nice as the originals.
  17. @Stanglover that is exactly the piece I need too. Also, on the vapor recovery hose (right next to the hose your pointing out), does it come off at 90 degrees from the air filter housing? Or is it angled downward? I keep seeing the angled ones on eBay, but not the straight ones. Thanks, Nick
  18. The one that came off my car looks like this and has two holes that the repros I bought didn't:
  19. Looking for the same form my 71 Mach 1 351 4V
  20. Anyone have a good condition hood trim moulding (painted, not chrome) that they can part with? Thanks, Nick
  21. Anyone have any suggestions for replacement quarter post seals? All the repos I've seen are cheaply made (Daniel Carpenter), have the wrong number of holes for my 71 Mach 1, and don't work well with the roll down rear quarter windows. Thanks, Nick
  22. BTW, big thanks to @Bentworker on the hinge plates (farther up in this thread). Here they are after a little cleanup. Aside from my clumsiness dropping the plate down the pillar, they worked great. We now have a working driver door. Here's a few tips if you're replacing the top plates on a mostly assembled car: Tie a piece of thin twine through the top bolt hole on the pillar plate and tie the other end off to something stationary. If you drop the plate, you can always just pull it back up and try again. Have a helper on the outside guide you and be ready to put a bolt
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