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  1. Changed my 73 Mach 1 351C from a FMX to toploader. It was really worth it but I think if i had to do it again I would go for a 5 speed. It really takes quite a while to round up all the factory parts to do it right. If you need any information on the change or maybe any pic's drop me a note. Good luck!
  2. I have sanderson shortys and the only thing I had to do was cut off a corner with the rivit on the left motor mount and wire weld the the metal back together, kinda rounded out the corner. Have a toploader in my car so muffler shop was able to route the system so no problem with linkage. My car too started off with a FMX
  3. Has anyone replaced their toploader with a T5? Any details on shifter location and parts needed for the swap. Thanks.
  4. I have a set I took off my 67K mile 73 Mach 1, rebuilt my engine and put aussie heads on it. Have stock cam, rocker arms and push rods too. Complete. Not sure on shipping
  5. I have comp cams roller rockers with screw in studs on aussie 351 heads and stock valve covers would not work.
  6. Just finished rebuilding toploader and reinstalled today. No longer a jumper in second gear! Mechanicals finished, ready to start the body!
  7. Sorry, but I don't want to remove any parts.
  8. I used instrument services. First time came in dead, sent back and they corrected. Works good now.
  9. They go below the sill plates under the carpet
  10. I need one rear black seat belt, the short inner one bolted to the floor pan under the rear seat. Thanks!
  11. Few days late posting but here are a couple of youtube videos of it's first run!
  12. I like the look of the caltracs. Might just invest in a set of those.
  13. I need a set of traction bars for my 73 Mach 1. Car won't hook up and has wheel hop.
  14. Without installing an actual gauge I think you would have to have a thermometer in the fluid when the light is coming on to verfify the temperature. Be careful when taking the radiator cap off when hot as it could spray out and scald you. I think if it were actually getting hot you would hear it boiling and releasing fluid from the vent tube coming off the top of the radiator. Good luck!
  15. Have a nice (not cracked) right side exhaust manifold for 351C 2V. Bought it for my car but used headers instead. Paid too much, looking to get $200 plus shipping. Blasted and painted. Thanks!
  16. Found it, it's a C8AA-7515B. Found two so just bought both!
  17. I recently converted my 73 Mach 1 351C to a 4 speed so I am offering for sale a FMX setup for $400. My car has only 67K original miles and I bought it new so I know this is accurate. I have the trans, torque converter, engine plate (between motor and trans), dipstick tube, dipstick, flywheel, flywheel bolts, starter, shifter with linkage (less some of the wiring on the neutral switch), kick down linkage, rear of trans cross member and driveshaft yoke. All is in good condition and the trans was working well when I removed it from the car, never rebuilt just filter and oil change. I am in Texas and all this is probably to much to ship but if your willing to pay for shipping by truck on a pallet then I'm game. Mark
  18. Welcome, where are you in NT? I am in Wichita Falls.
  19. looking for quarter windows that roll up for my mach 1. Think a verts will work, how much if you have them.
  20. Working on the front suspension, installed upper and lower arms, spindle and a few misc parts. Got my new air cond under hood parts for 134, sanden compressor, hoses, condenser, dryer and etc. May have to take some time to clean the garage up, been working so much seems like most of my tools are piled up around where I am working. Having fun!!!
  21. Trying to get my car put together and found out the clutch fork I have is wrong. Bought one from I thought a reputable company and they sent the wrong one. Anyone got one they can part with, for a 73 Mach 1 with 351 c. Suppose to be a C8AA7515B I think. Pictured is the one I need. Thanks, Mark!
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