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  1. Just noticed the posts and now they reproduce those at NPD, thank you!!! Sorry just kinda lost my credentials to git in and never really needed to get in again....
  2. Hello my name is Cody, I was curious if you still have the NOS painted headlight bezels for a 73 mustang. This is a shot in the dark since this post is pretty old.
  3. Hey I hope everything works out for the best. That is a tough situation to be in but my thoughts and prayers are with you and the family. Stay strong my friend, we are here for you! - Cody
  4. Subrame connectors are one the best upgrades you can do to stiffen up the chassis for better handling. But in order to really see significant gains & get the most out of it you need the upgraded suspension components , you need to stiffen up tie in the hinge pillar to shock tower like so (I'm going to custom fabricate a set of these for my car) & You need the monto carlo bar to tie it all together..It's the whole package ! Stiffening up one thing just moves the stress somewhere else in the chassis..Personally I'm going to use the global west connectors..I don't think there's a huge difference in weld in vs bolt in for a street car UNLESS your building a drag track car then I would weld..But I've only seen weld in for our cars..So weld in it is ..You could fabricate your own..& the rocker reinforcements.. But they are so cheap that to buy the metal..then powder coat then your time ...it's not saving much money..A better approach to stiffening the rockers chassis structure is to install convertible inner rockers but again unless it's pure track car I don't see the need. http://www.globalwest.net/67-73-mustang-body-and-frame-stifners.html They also have the rocker rail support kit on the same page as the connectors. What is the story with these hinge pillar to shock tower braces? You said you are making them? I'm about to have some sub frame connectors put on my 73 grande and I like these braces also. I'm interested in racing my car but idk if I should look into some these or not. Are you selling these or are they still in the works?
  5. I do not have these parts but I have seen a headlight bezel on ebay! wish I could have been more helpful.
  6. Welcome to the site...you will love it here. I'm new also and I love it here! Good luck..
  7. I want to buy 1973 Mustang grille turn signal's or the the parking lights is sometimes what people call them. I need the bezels and lenzes. Contact me if you have some you want to get rid of. Thanks, Cody
  8. My first car was/is a 1973 Ford Mustang Grande...my mom gave it to me on my 13 birthday because she didn't have the time or money to fix it!!! Gotta love her <3.
  9. Well since my father is a mechanic and knows alot of people with those skills meaning welding, body, paint and so on... I have alot of help but the repairs were not done by me. All I did was pay for it lol. But thank you and best of luck with your car as well! And check NPD for a patch panel...they may be able to help you out! Welcome Cody. I have a '71 Grande and have bought plenty of repro and used OEM parts from Don at Ohio Mustang, never been disappointed. OMS is a vendor here and you can find the banner on this site. If you can't find what you need listed in the catalogue, just email Don. Our Grandes are a rare model on this site :D mike I think thats awesome because not alot are on the road here in Michigan!!! I like rare things...but it also sucks trying to find repro stuff for it tho. And thanks for the tip I will be sure to check there! I believe I have recieved parts from him before. I set my car pic as my profile picture if you would like to take a look!
  10. I have the 73 grande with the new repro honeycomb grille. I need only one of the lenses,& both of the housing/bezels. Thanks again everyone for the warm welcome. I have to figure out how to put those pics up on here...there will be some in the near future. Alright here are a little more details about my project and me. I have had this car since I was 13 even tho I'm almost 18 now LOL. Either way it's my baby lol and I am trying to do it right by taking my time and having only a part time budget due to school. But the car was in a front end accident long before I recieved it and I am trying to piece the front end back together. There is all new sheet metal in the front and now trying to find pieces that are not reproduced is the issue....I already have a few hard to find pieces but I am always looking...a project car is never done, it just gets closer to how you want it! Thanks again to everyone out there!
  11. I know there is one On eBay but idk how much. Looks nice too.
  12. Hello everyone, My name is Cody and I just discovered this site today on my lunch break...I have a 73 grande that I have been restoring with my father and I'm always on the look out for parts...mostly ones that are not reproduced. Front turn signals is what brought me to this site mainly. So if any one can help please respond and thanks again.
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