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  1. Will certainly be looking for a ready-mades or a wide-body kit - so will go through these sites in detail. Now I will need wheels to fill them something with a big offset so I don't have to do major surgery to suspension architecture. Can anyone point me to a good thread on deep-dish wide wheels? I have found some reasonably priced 345/30 tyres to go on 12" x 19" wheels.
  2. Thanks Daniel - yes if I can find a flare that we can weld on that will save a lot of time/money/effort/mistakes/redo's ... will go through what they have.
  3. :whistling: lollerz Yes, more fool me! I did find that out after I sent it to one of my mates, who's helping out on the restomod, who is all over photoshop. Mind you, the Black Mamba is still the look I want to go for, so I'm grateful to Prokop for giving us something to aim for.
  4. I'm looking to radically flare my '73 Mach 1's fenders (or guards as we call them here in Oz) - I'm wanting the 'low and wide' look (and before the purists vomit on me, as I have explained elsewhere, this restomod is for me to build my unique one-off, dream muscle car - I'm just starting with a Mach 1 ...). Something like the first 2 images below (I'm leaning towards the 'Black Mamba Mach1' style) - they both come from the same design house. Few Q's: Are there any existing threads with images on fender flares? My searches have come up empty - but then not sure what you American's would search under or if this is right forum (I did also look under body repair)? I'm thinking we will fabricate the 4 fender flares ourselves - any threads on this; anyone else done this? The front spoiler is the more complicated component - is there a thread on who supplies a range of these? If not - suggestions? Does anyone know anything about the Black Mamba Mach1 below? Rostislav Prokop is a Czech designer, so I presume the car lives somewhere in Europe? I'm looking for some hi res images to work from. I have emailed him. Please post any images you find - I'm looking for a Porsche 944 style flare rather than the alternative flare style in the third image below. Help appreciated in advance.
  5. Hi NotAT5, Just wondering how this seal worked out in the end?
  6. Hi Pastel, I'm looking for the same part - can't find it on the Virginia Classic Mustang page listed under C4ZA... advice?
  7. no this is the seal that is on the pitman arm itself and then goes into the steering shaft itself. its kind of like the boot on the tie rod ends but is just sandwiched between two medals. Hi BigP, Did you have source this seal? I need one too.
  8. Here http://www.mustangsunlimited.com/Mustang/Heating-Cooling/Cowl-Covers-Cowl-Vent-Repair-Kits/Cowl-Vent-Repair-Patch-Hat-Driver-Side-1965-1968-Mustang-Cougar.axd Thanks Tony, I notice they are listed up to '68. Is there a later model version? Is the diameter the same? Sorry to be a pain. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  9. Can I ask what the part name is for 'the hat' when ordering the dynacorn part please? And are the plastic ones from the earlier model the same diameter?
  10. Hi All, Have just discovered that the air vent intake has rusted. See images. It's under some serious sheet metal. Has anyone replaced this vent? It explains why we have rust limited to the floor pans, as this vent obviously sits proud, so that water does not get inside it. Now it funnels the water down into the car! Can't find a thread on this issue, sorry if I missed it, just point me to it so I don't waste anyone's time. Thanks, in advance, for your time and thoughts on this.
  11. That's very helpful advice Spike - will go down that path. I think I will need to mod the converter to 2000+ to allow for the Thumpr cam I will be using.
  12. Thanks Hemi. I can see that it's important to break a new cam in patiently.
  13. Thanks for wading in Spike. And your right, I'm not understanding because there is no explanation. I will sound like a broken record here, but I have found in life that just doing things because people say to/not to without explaining the why is potentially misleading, boring at least and bereft of fascinating insights at best! The cam face on the lifter is dead flat. I get a valve seating into its seat, and bearing faces wearing together, but the cam face shows no wear at all, I suspect it is hardened something +++. Money is not an object here, just to be clear. But I have found that asking why takes you into a much better understanding of engineering, particularly if you're changing things up. So my mind asks how does a lifter fail against a cam? I can see why to replace a 2-part valve - that was a spectacular example of great 'why' advice. Explain the why and you will have me at hello!
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