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  1. Thank you! Regarding amount of Mustangs in Poland - not so many like in US :D but we really love them We got many new owners especially after starting selling the 2015 model in European dealership. We also have our local Club - Mustang Klub of Poland I am a proud member ::thumb:: We have a few guys having 71-73 model. I am going to tell them about this Forum from North Carolina :)
  2. Hello everyone. I am Tomasz - happy owner of 1973 Mach 1 from Poland. The car is still new for me, just bought it few months ago. I hope to gain a lot of valuable info which was posted and shared on your Forum. I am planning to do some small upgrades in my car (suspension, rear axle) and don't want to make mistake caused by wrong choices :D Hope you'll help me ::thumb::
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