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    1971 BOSS light puter
    Black int 28700 original miles


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  1. My car when I brought it in 1978 delete opendns account
  2. Hi studdley I had a weak spark problem on a 351 4v Cleveland some years ago and found it to be a dead condenser hope this helps
  3. American Racing Equipment 15 x 10 with 295 x 50 rear. 245 x 60 front couldn't get 50s In narrow width for the front
  4. Number 3 looks best to me
  5. Hi Boss I think tracking device ls must have for & uniqe collector item I have one in my Boss & ski boat Kevin
  6. Nuts


    Hi mal l did the metal framework for the dash conversion jn 1978 79 then sold the car &someone else finished it the switch on the right side is the wiper washer took more photos sorry ther not very good I'm interested to see & hear about your build. Kevin
  7. Wow nice work u must be very proud kevin
  8. Hi to all Aussies on site Kevin from Macedon Ranges Victoria 1971 Boss 351 I haven't had to Import any parts yet but may need to call on your experience some time funds transfer best freight options ect cheers to all kevin
  9. Nuts


    Thanks to everyone for welcoming me to 7173 mustangs was a guest for some time before joining &shave learnt a lot by browsing posts there's a lot of very helpful knowledgeable people here I'm looking forward to this help if my car develops any issues. Leaving it right hand drive will post more pics when l get better shots Kevin
  10. Hello to everyone from the Macedon Ranges Victoria Australia my name is Kevin my car is a 1971 Boss 351 built dec 1970 sold by Dave Buck Ford Sales North Vancouver BC Canada Jan 1971 In April 1972 with 10813 miles on the clock it had engine brake and suspension mods by John Halls Car Craft for Circuit Racing and was raced in Canada the owner moved to Melbourne Australia with the car and raced it here around 1974 I bought it from the original owner about 1977 78 it had 22200 miles on it And started a right hand drive conversion u could not register left hand drive at that time that came to a halt when the state government placed a moratorium on left to right conversions with no time frame on a decision to allow or not allow converted cars to be regestered and outher reasons I sold it And always regretted that I did years later wanting to get back into a 70s muscle car had to be unique and powerful after the sale of a pantera fall through browsing on ebay I found my old Boss road regestered right hand drive still in race trim with 28291 miles on it I bought it back I feel very lucky and privileged to have it back this is numbers matching original
  11. +l I just felt sad when i saw that I feel like I'm intruding as i haven't done an intro yet but had to comment on this Intro coming soon kevin
  12. I have a 1971 boss light puter metallic original 27000 miles
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