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  1. I'm working on a solution to the ugly switch control issue. I will post updates as they come.
  2. That's much better. I was thinking to do this but was hoping there was another way. Any tip for removing the knobs before I break something?
  3. I just got my kit in, it took a while to order. Unfortunately Classic Auto Air no longer make the EZ Cable Integrators so I'm stuck with the ugly control switch they offer.
  4. I have not installed it yet, still a while away from that. But it seems idiot proof. Everything is very clearly labelled and seems high quality. Not sure on the wire colours as I don’t know the original colours. Your best bet is to contact them directly.
  5. I messaged Midlife a while back and this turned out to be a better option. Keep in mind that I’m in Australia so that creates another issue. This kit was the easiest option for me personally. I can easily install it myself. I don’t know how it is in America, but over here good auto electricians and insanely expensive. Getting one made up would cost a small fortune, more than twice what this kit is worth. It works for me but I can’t speak for everyone though.
  6. I actually have this kit. My car is completely stripped for a restoration and this option is much cheaper and easier than getting someone to make one up.
  7. I think you may be onto something. I think there is a market for something like that as these cars get more popular. I’m currently underwhelmed by the options available. Mostly catering to the models without the 3 centre gauges. Like I mentioned, I do not want a 3 in 1 tachometer.
  8. I find that it looks to messy with all the gauges in a small area. Also, the VHX series don’t have an amazing design also.
  9. Kinda feel like the hood would be too long for a shaker. They look a million dollars on some cars, not so much on others. Just my thoughts. If you like it then go for it.
  10. I would of preferred the VHX series also. Problem is, I have 3 empty holes in the middle of the dash I have to fill. And I don’t want to use the standard dash centre with no gauges. I wonder if the Ford Racing gauges will fit easily enough ?
  11. I’m sorry, I appreciate your opinion but I didn’t ask if you thought it looked good. On that note, Its not my first choice either but I’m looking into all options. This car is getting upgrades in almost all areas such as steering, brakes, electrical, and mechanical. Most, if not all parts I’m using were not around in 1972. It will drive much differently than its year suggests, but that’s how I want it. 99% of the car will look as stock as if it’s sitting in a Ford showroom I do not want this car to drive the way it did when it was new. It’s not a BOSS or a HO. Just a Mach 1 that’s been repainted from Gold Glow to Grabber Blue and interior changed from ginger to black. There have been too much advancements made over the years in replacement parts and upgrades to not seriously consider upgrading certain components. Just be thankful that I saved this amazing car from becoming scrap metal!!
  12. Hello, Has anyone here installed the VFD gauges? If so, could a video please be posted up because I can’t find anything on YouTube with a demonstration on what they look like working. Cheers.
  13. Yeh that was one of the ideas I had and probably the most likely I’ll go for.
  14. Just those fasteners. I bought the scoops from ACP but the don’t come with the screws.
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