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  1. Thanks! I'll wait for the sun to come... its pretty cold right now... yes its a new roof, the hydrailic fluid in the pump (when roof is open) is not full ,it's almost full, should I add up to the top ?
  2. Hi all... I'm in a final restoration phase on my 73 convertible.. I've an issue with how to adjust to top? When closing the top the piston reach to end but the top is not aligned with the front window bow.. it is missing about 1.5 inch to the end.. see pic.. appreciate some tech how to adjust it?
  3. Hi I'm looking for fuel gauge to my 73 center cluster
  4. Welcome to the forum from North Carolina. Are you in U.S. or off shore? Hi thanks! I'm off shore.. I'm from Israel
  5. Hi, I've a 1973 Mustang convertible, looking for wiper arms both driver and passenger sides..thanks
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