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  1. I should have mentioned I don't care about vibration, this is for a circle track car. It is not driven for comfort. These mounts are interesting! Thanks for the link!. Jim
  2. Does anyone make a 351C Solid Engine Mount for a 72 Mustang?
  3. Track rules, I have to run water. Everything else it just as hard to clean up as oil on the pavement track.
  4. The rule states: Aftermarket rocker arm covers, oil pans, water pumps and pulleys permitted. So I assume, yes we can run an electric water pump. I did not know you can select the speed on it. Thanks for that tip.
  5. The sending unit is in the water pump right below the capped off heater core hose tube. Yes, it starts pushing out water and temp starts climbing. Hopefully my new dual electric fans from AFCO pull more air thru the core.
  6. I built the motor, and I am very sure they are on correct. I was aware of that possible issue when I built it and I have built several Clevelands.
  7. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!! I run a 72 Mustang at the local 3/8 pavement circle track. I cannot keep water in the radiator. It seems to run cool (around 200 degrees) during the race, but if a caution or red flag comes out and I drop rpms below 2k, it starts flowing out the overflow and building temp. 351 Cleveland, Bypass Block off plate installed, AFCO 80102FN radiator, 6 blade mechanical fan, Good fan shroud, Duct work in front side of radiator to direct air flow. Jegs high flow water pump, slightly smaller crank pulley, no thermostat or restrictor (Although I have tried everything). I’ve tried different caps ranging from 20-35 psi. I have ran without the nose cone to see if it was blocking air and I had the same issue. Plenty of air is directed from underneath to the radiator with the duct work. I have recently ordered AFCO dual electric fans with a shroud made specifically to my radiator but I have not installed it yet. That will happen this week but I not certain it will fix my problem. I am mainly doing it for horse power reasons. Thanks for any help in advance! Jim
  8. Does anyone know if there are any problems with the following conversion? I just installed the spindles and disc brake setup from my 72 Mustang Circle Track car, onto my 67 Mustang street car project. Everything bolted up fine and the spindles looked to be shaped the say way. The only thing I had to do is use 72 tie rod ends because the hole is bigger on the 72 spindle. I had the 72 setup laying around because I switched to the Fatman drop spindle setup on the Circle Track car It will be a while before I have this car road worthy, so I'm just trying to get a head of any potential problems. Thanks in advance!!!
  9. Wow, that's an excellent post! If I would have saw that first I probably would have tried it.
  10. Hello Again Everyone!!! This post is just information because I found something I didn't think they made and I'm pretty damn excited about it!!! The stock power steering box of a 72 Mustang has a 16:1 gear ratio which turns out to be 3.75 turns lock to lock on the steering wheel. The one listed below equates to a 10.7:1 ratio and 2.5 turns lock to lock. PLUS it cheaper than every other upgrade box I looked at!!! THE BEST PART... it is a complete bolt up replacement for your stock box. You don’t have to mess with the replacing the end of the steering column which I read you have to do with most upgraded steering boxes. I bought it, I installed it and on the Jun 16th I'm going to race with it. I’m not sure if you can tell, but I’m excited about it. The benefit for me is that on the circle track, a typical turn requires almost a half a turn of the steering wheel. Now I'm only going to need a quarter (if my math is right) https://www.buyautoparts.com/ 82-00357 QR 1972- Ford- Mustang- Performance Power Box - Upgrade to Quick Ratio 2.5LTL Power Steering Gear Box $294.10 So anyone racing or just wanting hugely more responsive steering, this might be the part. Also, I googled discount codes for this site and found a $25 off coupon during the month of May which brought the price down to $269.10. Shipping was free. There was a $200 core charge but they paid from shipping.
  11. Fatman 2.5” drop spindle conversion requires Granada rotors and Camaro caliper. I do brake very hard driving into the turns, this isn't a drag car. Races are usually 25 laps long, so I'm pounding on the brakes at least 50 times a race. As mention in my first post, bleeders are at the highest point. I'm definitely going to compare the size of the M/C for a Camaro and Maverick. When I find that information I will decide then if I need to upgrade my M/C. My first attempt is going to be readjusting the rear brakes and a 10lb residual valve. Thanks for the input!
  12. From what I’ve researched, drum brakes always need a 10lb residual valve to compensate a little for the spring tension. I think I had one in my old drum/drum M/C but it got removed when I replaced the M/C. Low mounted M/C’s require a 2lb residual valve the maintain a little pressure even on disc brakes.
  13. Now that's interesting! Thanks for doing that research. I am going to start looking at Spec for M/C to see if I can get a bigger one to mount up right. Thanks!!!
  14. I used 2 different methods. The old fashion 2 person method and the 1 person method, with a vacuum line and bottle. Both have work for me in the past. I'm not new to turning a wrench or working on brakes. This is an issue because of modifications I've done so it's a little out of the ordinary. I'm sure it's not my bleeding techniques. I have an adjustable valve for the rear brakes but i haven't installed it yet. I don't consider that a fix to this issues so I don't want to install it until I get the pedal right.
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