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  1. Hey everyone, I took apart my 1971 mach 1 years ago to begin restoration. Since then, my parents have done some cleaning and all my interior bolts have been misplaced. Is there a kit that has all the bolts for the interior?
  2. Hey guys, I have a 1971 mustang that had a 351c in it. I wiped out the camshaft and at the time no one in the states had blanks for a 351c. Found a 302 with aluminum heads local to me and decided to go with that. The last part I'm struggling with is the throttle cable bracket. Is there an aftermarket or reproduction solution for this? Or does anyone have one for sale?
  3. I added a grounding strap from the block to the frame. Turns over now! Now I have to get it to start haha. Thanks for the help everyone!
  4. I just put a new engine and transmission in my 71 mach 1. I’m pretty sure I’ve hooked everything back up but I’m getting no power. I went to cfank it to get some oil pressure in it and got nothing. Lights won’t even come on. Battery reads 12.48 volts. Have the positive of the battery going to the side of the starter solenoid closest to the battery. The negative is going to the block. The wire from the starter is going to the other side of the solenoid, closest to the starter.
  5. It all went in with no problem. Just had to remive the tower braces. Unfortunately no one had a stand that I could rent. Thanks for the help!
  6. So I am putting new cooler lines as well as a transmission cooler on my 1071 mach 1 with an FMX transmission. Which port on the FMX is the inlet and whish is the outlet? The one faving the rear or the one facing the passenger side? Also which is the inlet/outlet port on the radiator? Top or bottom? Thank you in advance!
  7. Thanks everyone! Engine and transmission are out now. Transmission will be getting rebuilt and then everything will go in.
  8. So I’m putting a new 351c in my 71 mach 1. I already planned to put the engine and transmission in as one. Would it be worth it to install with the headers on as well? Or will it be too much trouble?
  9. Thanks everyone. I did end up replacing the lines anyway
  10. I was able to get a vacuum pump on there and suck fluid through the lines. turned out to just be a massive air bubble
  11. I have 4 wheel manual drum brakes. I replaced all wheel cylinders and wasn't getting fluid to them. Car has been sitting since 2002 so I replaced the master cylinder as well, which was good since it wasn't pumping any fluid. However I'm still getting zero fluid to the wheel cylinders. I was going to replace the distribution blocks however someone else suggested replacing the lines. I wouldn't think that one bad line would cause no fluid would make it to any wheel. What do you guys suggest I do?
  12. I am debating on cobra r 17x9 wheels or aero racing 15x8 wheels. I had the cobra r's on a 1969 mustang and looked great. I just don't know how they'll look on the 71 body
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